FRM Level 1 Exam 2024 Books

Our e-book is reviewed in light of the GARP syllabus guidelines and is now available for you to download. 

Getting ready to take on FRM level 1 to kick-start your journey for the challenging course?

Our book for Exam 1 contains over  1,300 questions and answers, shedding valuable light on the officially required topics:

  • Foundations of Risk Management (Over 390 Questions and Answers)
  • Quantitative Analysis (Over 380 Questions and Answers)
  • Financial Markets and Products (Over 310 Questions and Answers)
  • Valuation and Risk Models (Over 270 Questions and Answers)


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Official Financial Risk Manager Exam Learning Objectives: Level 1


Foundations of Risk Management

Exam Weight 20%

The areas covered include the following:

  • Basic risk types, measurement and management tools
  • Creating value with risk management
  • The role of risk management in corporate governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Financial disasters and risk management failures
  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Risk-adjusted performance measurement
  • Multifactor models
  • Data aggregation and risk reporting
  • Ethics and the GARP Code of Conduct


Quantitative Analysis

Exam Weight 20%

The areas covered include:

  • Discrete and continuous probability distributions
  • Estimating the parameters of distributions
  • Population and sample statistics
  • Bayesian analysis
  • Statistical inference and hypothesis testing
  • Estimating correlation and volatility using EWMA and GARCH models
  • Volatility term structures
  • Correlations and copulas
  • Linear regression with single and multiple regressors
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Simulation methods


Financial Markets and Products

Exam Weight 30%

The areas covered include the following:

  • Structure and functions of financial institutions
  • Structure and mechanics of OTC and exchange markets
  • Structure, mechanics, and valuation of forwards, futures, swaps, and options
  • Hedging with derivatives
  • Interest rates and measures of interest rate sensitivity
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • Corporate bonds
  • Mortgage-backed securities


Valuation and Risk Models

Exam Weight 30%

The areas covered include:

  • Value-at-Risk (VaR)
  • Expected shortfall (ES)
  • Stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Option valuation
  • Fixed income valuation
  • Hedging
  • Country and sovereign risk models and management
  • External and internal credit ratings
  • Expected and unexpected losses
  • Operational risk


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The Financial Risk Manager designation has been earmarked as a tremendously desirable certification for any individual wanting to be involved with financial risk management around the globe – and this is purposefully reflected in the pass rate which is typically under the 49% mark.

Nevertheless, completing the course and connecting into the famed community bestows pride, confidence and a deep level of satisfaction within all its holders.

The financial environment is gradually becoming more competitive with each passing year and companies are constantly concerned about knowing and understanding their true risk exposure- and this is where completing the Financial Risk Manager exam comes into play.

Yes, the pass rate may seem like a daunting hurdle to overcome, but receiving the right to use the designation is a clear indication to the financial industry that you have been judged against an international standard and are extremely serious about risk management as a professional, so download our questions and answers book today!

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