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Our Principles


This website is dedicated to achieving the simple goal of offering difficult, high-quality practice questions and explanations for persons seeking to pass their Financial Risk Manager examinations and attain certification, as offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®).


Obtaining the rights to use the FRM designation is an arduous process. We have designed our comprehensive study material in such a way that it covers all significant aspects of the examinations. Whether you are a student who is trying to enter the financial industry or a multi-year veteran, we have covered everything for your ease.


Our question bank is made up from an exhaustive collection of research material gathered from several individuals, with some having decades of experience in the industry, offering questions that may be asked in the examinations, along with in-depth access to the tactics and strategies of talented minds who have cracked some of the most difficult exams in the financial industry and also those who, after multiple failures in their examinations, devised the best way to achieve success.


What we have crafted comes from the result of ongoing painstaking attention to detail, years of research and years of mind wrenching dedication.


We have a brilliant team of extremely dedicated and enormously talented individuals who work around the clock to create the most challenging study material to test your mettle and also widen your perspective of the different key areas of the examinations.


We also conduct focus-testing on a timely basis each year to ensure that all of our study materials are offering in-depth knowledge and insight of the various subject matters required of the aspirants. We also focus on the new test areas that you may face after registration, while researching ongoing trends in the industry that are being tested by the Global Association of Risk Professionals.


We commit to offering you the very best study materials, giving you full unfiltered access to difficult examination questions as well as their explanations and not just a simplistic ‘the answer is…’  Many of our questions were designed not just to give an answer but to offer some depth in reaching an answer.


Our team members strongly believe that there is an urgent need for premium FRM practice exam questions and answers in the industry and we purposely took our time to design our downloadable books in such a way so that you’ll be able to reap the maximum benefits in your studying or reviewing exercises.


With a sub-50% average pass rate, we know that preparation is absolutely crucial. 


You may be wondering how could we be so confident in stating that we have the most difficult questions crafted, especially when there are several others offering similar products. Well, while everyone is testing you through the use of multiple choices ranging from A to D, our answer options range from A to F (and even higher!).


Yes, with us you will be faced with test scenarios that are designed to throw you for a loop and endure questions that were deliberately crafted to rigorously test your knowledge of the various subject matters at hand, whether you are preparing for Part 1 or Part 2.


You will not be able to guess your way through our questions and we purposely did this to help you in your preparations.


Remember that you will pass a difficult exam by diligently practicing with questions that are even more difficult.


We are extremely confident that you will be much more equipped for exam day having gone through our books.


In order to help you manage the exhausting Financial Risk Manager exam questions, we are committed to bringing you a complete FRM study guide, practice exams and study materials that are all easily available and easily consumed. We know there is no time to waste in getting ready. For your benefit, we have the following advantages over our competitors:  


* Our exam materials are all available to download directly from this website as well as from an emailed link that will be sent to you.


* We do not use any third-party or specialized software for you to gain access to our site or books.


* We do not require you to have Administrator Rights/Access on your computer to use our site or books.


* We do not require you to install any software to download, open, print or read our exam papers.


* Feel free to copy our files to multiple devices that you own.


* We offer simple PDF documents that can be downloaded, printed or read on any computer, tablet or smart device.


* We offer all of our materials without any restrictions to the number of times you can download, print or read.


* We do not place any restrictions on the time that you will have access to any of our study materials or e-books.


* We commit to having free lifetime updates to everyone who purchased our downloadable practice questions.


* We commit to always offering free FRM sample questions to everyone for both level 1 and level 2, even without the need to create an account.  

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Our Guarantees

Quantity and Quality

Achieving FRM certification is no easy task and for your question bank portfolio, we offer over 1,200 rigorous questions and answers per exam, covering all GARP tested areas that are clearly labelled and organized for your benefit. That’s over 2,400 questions to test for in every possible area before your exam date.

Pay Once

Whether your goal is passing level 1 or securing level 2, gain lifetime access with only one payment. With us you will have access to all updates and additions over the coming years. Simply put- we are offering FRM questions and answers at an unbeatable value. One product per exam at one exceptional price.

Easy Access

With the test dates fast approaching, we strive to make things easier for you by having all our Financial Risk Manager content and study guides come with unlimited downloads, unlimited printing and unlimited reading. Use our e-books with any computer, tablet or smart device.

Direct PDF Downloads

No software or proprietary tools required. No third-party or software installs required. Our books require no administrative-level access to be opened on your machine. Download directly from our site or by using the link that will sent to your email upon purchase.

A Real Challenge

A more rigorous question-and-explanation approach than you will find anywhere else. Our questions are uniquely designed and our students must select answers from at least 6 possible options instead of the regular 4, as demanded by the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

The Best Minds

Do not fear the pass rate! With us, you will access multiple financial minds being employed to formulate many extremely challenging FRM test questions for each and every examination segment. Meet the GARP test head-on by gaining access to questions done by professionals working only on their area of expertise.

Global Coverage

Access your content. Anywhere. Anytime. Do you have any queries on our Financial Risk Manager exam questions? Contact us at any time for real answers!

A Level Field

Access an entire exam set with one payment. We have no unnecessary multiple options with increasing prices. You may even download our FRM sample questions and study guide free of cost- no account signup necessary! 

Continuous Development

A focused and dedicated group of individuals constantly working to offer you more. We will only add to our question bank and never filter any content! 

What We Offer

An Overview of the Process

Our Financial Risk Manager exam question bank offers one complete exam question-and-answer PDF book for Exam 1 (FRM Part 1 Books PDF) and one complete exam question-and-answer PDF book for Exam 2 (FRM Part 2 Books PDF), with both books totaling over 2,400 questions-and-answers combined.

As our books are updated, these will be available to download at no additional cost. Paying for any particular exam set grants you lifetime access to it, inclusive of any and all new updates that will ensue over the coming years. To help you prepare for the test, we welcome you to download our practice questions, formula sheet and study guide at no charge and you may do this without the need to sign up for an account!

To ensure that the highest possible standard is being delivered at all times , we have arranged ourselves into several teams comprised of core internal managers and externally contracted professionals that are focused on; studying the GARP guidelines and its trends, creating a large pool of potential exam test scenarios, selecting only the best questions-and-explanations before finally presenting them to you in one complete package.


FRM Level 1

There are over 1,300 questions and answers available for Exam 1 covering all of the required topics:

Foundations of Risk Management 

(Over 350 unique questions)

Quantitative Analysis

(Over 350 unique questions)

Financial Markets and Products 

(Over 310 unique questions)

Valuation and Risk Models 

(Over 250 unique questions)


FRM Level 2

There are over 1,100 questions and answers available for Exam 2 covering all of the required topics:

Market Risk Measurement

(Over 200 unique questions)

Credit Risk Measurement

(Over 210 unique questions)

Operational Risk and Resiliency

(Over 200 unique questions)

Liquidity and Treasury Risk Management

(Over 130 unique questions)

Risk and Investment Management

(Over 200 unique questions)

Current Issues in Financial Markets 

(Over 30 unique questions)


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What Our Students Have to Say

I don’t normally do reviews but I had to say something about these guys when they asked me to. Just know that they will take good care of you and go the extra mile to get you prepared. Many thanks Phil for all your help! 

Inshan P. (Level 2 Candidate)

It was a great concern for me to do these exams and not have a solid finance background but this website really helped me get everything together. I don’t think anyone else has better value.

Chad L. (Level 2 Candidate)

I just LOVE how these guys break down the content! And it is ridiculous how much free stuff they offer.

Karen C. (Level 1 Candidate)

I’ll be honest and say that I had my reservations about trying this site but I’m sure happy I gave them a try. They have something you’ll not get anywhere else and it is crazy good.

Robert L. (Level 2 Candidate)

My experience with the customer service has been just great. They are always fast and extremely helpful.

Jin X. (Level 2 Candidate)

You have found the only place needed for tough questions. Do not waste your time or money with anyone else. This is unlike anything you have seen before. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Althea C. (Level 1 Candidate)

Hands down, this is the best value you can get to help you pass the FRM exams, and I have tried several out there. I don’t have a financial background but these guys really took care of me all the way.

Janar M. (Level 1 Candidate)

It was quite an experience going through these exam question and answers. I really believe the quality of content is simply on another level compared to other online offerings. Highly recommended!

Ryan P. (Level 1 Candidate)

This is truly a brutal experience and one that you need! Luckily, real-world exams are not like this and I truly appreciated the approach that FRMQB took and they are setting a new standard for the industry.

Stephen B. (Level 2 Candidate)

So… you are looking for a challenge? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I know of no other website offering this level of exam intensity whilst maintaining so many questions. Truly exceptional.

Johnathan R. (Level 2 Candidate)

Designation Benefits

The Financial Risk Manager designation is undoubtedly one of the most respected and recognized professional certification for financial risk management around the world, particularly as the pass rate in normally below the 50% mark.

The financial industry is becoming increasingly competitive and more than ever many financial entities are concerned about discovering and managing their true risk exposure in their respective operating environment. The course difficulty is well-known, for studying and attaining the right to use the designation is a clear indication to all in the financial industry that you have been judged against one of the highest international standards available and are extremely serious about risk management as a professional.

Having this accreditation will propel you to being part of the prestigious FRM community, granting you an elite status that is reserved only for risk professionals who are regarded as the best in their field and who are employed by many of the the leading financial institutions in the world. Risk managers are hired for their knowledge and ability to anticipate, respond, and adapt to critical issues.

Wondering if there are any risk-related jobs out there? Employers around the world realize that GARP's program prepares candidates with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic financial services industry. The accreditation is by far the best known and most respected designation for financial risk, with all of the top 25 global banks having a significant presence of certified risk experts.

Mastering the content of this exam and completing the many hours of self-study represents a significant commitment to the risk management profession, positioning you as a leader in the field and signifying your commitment to professional excellence. As such, please ensure that you visit the official Global Association of Risk Professionals website for all the latest information on the Financial Risk Manager course including: registration, fees, the syllabus etc. We also would like to encourage you to not only use our books but to compile your own notes as well.

The risk manager title will provide you with a lifelong platform to network with some of the world's most prominent financial risk management professionals, expanding your professional opportunities within the world of finance. More than 30,000 individuals from 141 countries and territories across the globe have passed the exams, so you will become part of an elite group*.

Global Companies Employing risk managers include: JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, PwC, KPMG and Bank of China*.

*GARP Website

Coverage: Exam I

Foundations of Risk Management
Quantitative Analysis
Financial Markets and Products
Valuation and Risk Models

Coverage: Exam II

Market & Credit Risk Measurement and Management
Operational Risk and Resiliency
Liquidity and Treasury Risk Measurement
Risk Management and Investment Management

This endorsement provides you with a lifelong platform to network with some of the world's most prominent risk management professionals, expanding your professional opportunities within the world of finance. Access our question bank, beat the course and accelerate your career!

Why should you consider us?

We Know What’s at Stake

Deciding to advance Your Career and ultimately Your Life is one of the biggest choices you’ll make as an individual in this world. With an examination pass rate hovering around the 40% – 50% range, attaining this hard-earned certification is certainly not an easy obstacle to overcome and having so many different online options at your fingertips will only make the decision even more complicated and frustrating.

Many of those options may seem tempting but they might not be right for you, your family, your unique situation or even your educational goals. The Financial Risk Manager exam questions can be a daunting task to overcome for anyone and we fully understand the importance of getting it right…whether it’s your first time…or your last.

A Challenge Like No Other

To help you overcome this challenge, we bring decades of combined experience to the process of searching through all the source material in the official books, researching known problematic areas in the test, selecting the toughest segments before finally crafting the very best product that we possibly can and offering this to you at an amazing price.

Whether you’re facing level 1 or level 2, we have sleepless nights, disagreements and quarrels so that you don’t have to, so if you are looking for high-quality questions and answers, give us a try today!

A Dedicated Team

This website was created from a group of individuals who all had one thing in common- We were all simply frustrated (and sometimes confused) with the many online products available. Frustrated with the quality of questions and answers. Frustrated with the hoops we had to jump through to get started. And frustrated with the ever-increasing pricing schemes and pyramid of products that are being pushed on students who are simply looking for help in their examinations.

As a show of our commitment, on our shop page we offer downloadable study material free of cost including a free study guide, free sample questions, free exam tips and we even offer a compilation of formulas that is also available free of charge to everyone. Feel free to get in touch with our operations manager for any concerns.

The Value we Offer

For our paid e-book products, we offer one and only one question-and-answer set for each of the two examination levels that are needed to pass the examinations. There are no multiple product levels to sift through, no multiple options with escalating price levels and there are no videos or special sessions locked away behind a paywall with access to only a select few who are able to pay.

We understand the importance of the FRM designation and we want to help you achieve it.

A Professionally Crafted Package

Over the years we have studied the entire GARP course, continuously going over its changing syllabus and have crafted exceptional books that we are offering to all at one exceptional price, each for part 1 and part 2. We urge you not only to look at us, but to look at our competitors and simply select the best, even if you believe that the best is elsewhere.

Our team members are committed to ensuring that only the best is brought forward and that your satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Simply put, we love what we do and we bring passion and commitment to our risk manager offerings.

Thank you for considering us as an option in seeking your Financial Risk Manager exam questions and please accept our best wishes in your exams as well as in your career.

Much Love,

The QuestionBank Family

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