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How many questions do you have in all?

We have over 2,600 questions and answers across both Level 1 and Level 2.

Our Level 1 test bank selection has over 1,350 questions and answers.

Our Level 2 test bank selection has over 1,330 questions and answers.

All questions are grouped and labelled by section name.

We have also carefully crafted our selection to give the best coverage of all relevant areas.


Do you have FRM mock exams?

Yes we do. We have one full-length mock exam for each level.

Additionally, our mock exams are included free of charge for each paid option.


Are your questions grouped or labelled?

Yes they are. All our questions and answers are labelled according to their relevant section.

We did this to ensure that students may concentrate on particular sections, if they needed to.

This arrangement will also help in targeting the student’s weaker areas of the syllabus.


Do all your questions come with answers?

Yes they do. All our questions come with their respective answers or explanations.

Some will go more into depth than others, depending on the specific requirements.


Why do you structure your questions to be so difficult?

We firmly believe that, by making our questions difficult, our students will be able to reach a higher level of understating and thus have a greater chance of success in the real examinations.


How are you different from your competitors?

We differ from the rest of the industry in several ways.

We pride ourselves on offering extremely high content quality while keeping our prices below others.

There is lifetime single-pricing mechanism in place. Meaning, there are no subscription options- all our students pay only once and they are guaranteed free lifetime updates.

Additionally, we offer unlimited downloads, unlimited printing (in high-quality) and there are no time restrictions to access any of our content.

All our content is available in PDF format and there is no requirement to install proprietary software to read our e-books.

Our content can also be copied across multiple electronic devices owned by the user – this will ensure that you can study whenever and wherever you wish.


Why are your prices so low compared to others?

Our prices are relatively low for several reasons.

Our core philosophy surrounds giving the greatest possible value to all needing help.

We fundamentally believe that access to premium-quality educational content should not be restricted to only those who can pay significant sums of money.

Our company also exclusively focuses on the Financial Risk Manager course, which allows us to be more focused and efficient at what we do.

As an online-only business, we have also managed to cut our overhead expenses significantly, thereby allowing us to pass on tremendous savings to our students.


Are you planning on raising or lowering your prices anytime soon?

No. The board of directors has committed to keeping the current low prices fixed.

This allows us to reach many more students around the world.


How often do you update your content?

We update our content at the end of each year after the official governing body releases their annual change log.


I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay by some other means?

We may facilitate a direct bank transfer or wire in the event that a student wishes to do so.

To learn more about this option, please contact us at; services@FRMQuestionBank.com.


Are you a registered company?

Yes we are. We are a duly registered company within the United States.

Our details are given:

Professional Learning Network AWP Limited LLC

607 Deemer PL. Suite 330. New Castle, Delaware, 19720

United States of America.


Are you affiliated with GARP?

No. We are not affiliated with GARP in any way.

We are a 100% self-sufficient and independent body.

Our self-governance structure allows us to craft our content free of restrictions from external influences.

Our independence also allows us to be extremely flexible within our structured products.


Do you offer physical copies for sale?

No. We have decided to remove all physically-based material and rely exclusively on digital means.

This structure allows us to be much more efficient and responsive to the needs our students around the world.



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