Avoidable FRM Mistakes – Part 4

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In this article we will wrap up our views on the things should keep in your thoughts before attempting the FRM examinations.

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Let’s continue:


Do not ignore topics

It is a fact that there will be segments in your books that you will feel very comfortable with.

It is also a fact that you will come across material that will just seem totally disconnected from what you know.

This is normal!

And we must remind you to complete your readings and not skip over any segments or topics that you may be disinterested in or having problems understanding.

Often times, we will read things now and not get the meaning or connection until a later date.

Try to seek a broad understanding of what’s in front of you instead of narrowly focusing on things you may already be familiar with.


Test your knowledge

If it’s one thing that we will continuously stress is the need for students to work as many practice questions as humanly possible before attempting the real test.

We have quite a number of free sample questions here on our own site so go ahead and download them (no sign-ups or credit cards needed).

This is simply one area that you must make adequate time for. No excuses.

There are so many benefits to doing mock exams and questions (in a test-like environment)! You will:

  • Build confidence and determination
  • Have a better understanding of your strengths
  • Understand where you need additional help
  • Form better connections across differing segments


Seek a partner if needed

We are all at different stages in our education and experience.

Some will be able to sit alone and complete all readings comfortably while others may need the help of others to get through.

Again, this is normal!

You may want to form a study group or ask to be part of an existing one.

Such a format may be extremely helpful in your studies as the group setting can be used to help those who are struggling to learn certain concepts.

But be warned- not all groups will be beneficial to your progress. Be sure to join persons who are equally serious about learning and pressing ahead.

Should you find yourself in one that is abusing time then promptly excuse yourself and go elsewhere.

There isn’t much time available and we cannot afford to waste it.


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