Avoidable FRM Mistakes – Part 3

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Hello again! We trust that you are all doing well and keeping safe!

In this post we continue with a few of the things you’ll need to keep in mind before sitting the FRM examinations.

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We continue:


Do not skip questions!

This is one mistake that no FRM candidate should EVER make!

GARP does not penalize you for getting incorrect answers so why not make a guess?

Yes, you actually have a chance to guess correctly…if something is selected. If there is nothing there, then you will be 100% certain of not gaining that point.

And chances are, you will meet upon a few questions (hopefully not too many) that will leave you scratching your head.

In such instances, we recommend eliminating the answer(s) that definitely couldn’t be correct and work from that angle.

Hopefully, you will be down to two options, which will give you a 50-50 chance.


Be mindful of the clock

Another issue that you can avoid with practice.

We believe getting around this area will be easier for students who actually spend time to work as many sample FRM questions beforehand as possible.

Remember, some questions will require more time than others and you’ll need to have a “rhythm” when going through the paper.

There will be some short questions there- please don’t spend a lot of time on these. We trust that you would have gone through enough questions and will be able to quickly get pass these short versions.

And of course, there will be some longer-type questions that you MUST spend some extra time on- don’t rush through these simply because they appear too “wordy”.

Some of these long-winded questions can be easily picked apart once you have been practicing with enough sample exams.


Get a broad understanding

For many students out there, the truth is that there will be certain areas that are considered very difficult to grasp.

This is so depending on your level of work experience and educational background.

We always ask our students not to stress themselves out in trying to be a complete expert on every single topic.

It’s generally better to gain a broad understanding of each area and understand the inter-connects.


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