Safety requirements for November 2022 FRM Exams

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We really hope that you have been studying diligently and making those important connections across the various sections of your texts.

Time is running out fast but do not panic! Keeping a level head at this juncture is critical for success.

For this post we would like to remind everyone of GARP’s safety protocols as it relates to those who will be sitting for the upcoming tests.

There are strict rules in force, particular within certain Asian territories but we would like everyone to know about them and be prepared just in case.


GARP Safety Requirements

  • Candidates must have a ‘green standing’
  • Candidates must be able to show their Normal Health Code and Track Code
  • Candidates must show a negative NAT report 48 hours before their exam appointment
  • Candidates must agree to having their temperate checked before entry
  • Candidates must have a temperature less than or equal to 37.3 degrees Celsius
  • Candidates who are in Beijing are not allowed to leave within 7 days before their exam date


Please note that candidates who do not comply with the respective safety protocols within their territories will not be able to enter the examination room.

Such candidates will also be asked to pay for re-registering.


GARP is committed to actively monitoring and maintaining the highest safety standards possible for the benefit of all students and staff members.

Please visit the following link to view the latest updates:


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