Technology and Risk Management

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Below is a quick view of a topic that has been on the minds of many on recent years. We hope that you are keeping up-to-date on market trends and what’s happening in the economy and around the world.

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A bold future awaits

Can new technologies be disruptive? Yes.

Can new technologies destroy jobs or even industries? Yes.

The fact is that we are living in a world with constant change being the only constant.

Technological advancement can destroy jobs but it can also create many new ones.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the current buzz words in the world of tech right now.

These words scare some but others see them as part of the inevitable future.

Amazingly, Risk Management will be even more important within organizations using ML and AI.

And that means Risk Managers will become more targeted in the future.

It is true that algorithms can make decisions at speeds far beyond what any human being is capable of today, but does that mean Risk Professionals are doomed to be sidelined?

Or, will they combine forces for an even greater good?

We encourage you to join the higher ranks by becoming an elite Risk Manager!

The future is yours to shape!


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