This website is dedicated to achieving the simple goal of offering difficult, high-quality practice questions and explanations for persons seeking to pass their Financial Risk Manager examinations and attain certification, as offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®).


Obtaining the rights to use the FRM designation is an arduous process. We have designed our comprehensive study material in such a way that it covers all significant aspects of the examinations. Whether you are a student who is trying to enter the financial industry or a multi-year veteran, we have covered everything for your ease.


Our question bank is made up from an exhaustive collection of research material gathered from several individuals, with some having decades of experience in the industry, offering questions that may be asked in the examinations, along with in-depth access to the tactics and strategies of talented minds who have cracked some of the most difficult exams in the financial industry and also those who, after multiple failures in their examinations, devised the best way to achieve success.


What we have crafted comes from the result of ongoing painstaking attention to detail, years of research and years of mind wrenching dedication.


We have a brilliant team of extremely dedicated and enormously talented individuals who work around the clock to create the most challenging study material to test your mettle and also widen your perspective of the different key areas of the examinations.


We also conduct focus-testing on a timely basis each year to ensure that all of our study materials are offering in-depth knowledge and insight of the various subject matters required of the aspirants. We also focus on the new test areas that you may face after registration, while researching ongoing trends in the industry that are being tested by the Global Association of Risk Professionals.