6 Steps to being a Financial Risk Manager

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Hello everyone! We know many of you are wondering about the process to become a Financial Risk Manager.

Well fret not! The path is not at all complicated and we outline the steps to securing the FRM designation below:


Step 1

Understand exactly what you are getting into and see all the benefits of this course.

A great place to start is by reading all official materials on the GARP website.


Step 2

Know the various deadlines and register accordingly.

GARP offers some pretty good discounts for those who decide to register early.

For example, if you are considering to do the May 2022 FRM exam, then try to beat the January 31st deadline.


Step 3

Setup your official GARP portal account and schedule your examination window.

There are many sites to sit at around the world so choose what works best for you.


Step 4

Go through all the recommended readings and official books offered by the governing body.

You may even consider third-party sites such as ours to help boost your chances of success.


Step 5

Decide if you would like to take both level 1 and 2 on the same day or concentrate on one at a time.

Either way, give our sample questions a try and test yourself.


Step 6

Fulfil GARP’s requirements for relevant work experience and then submit your files to them in a timely manner.


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