Are FRM Exam Fees Worth It?

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10 Reasons Why We Say Yes!

You dream to complete that coveted course someday. But those fees are causing fears of whether the risk manager title can actually help in elevating your career.

Is the cost even worth it? What if it isn’t? Will this accreditation really help? It is but natural to have all these kinds of questions in mind while investing so much time and effort in anything.

And an educational program is no exception to this rule.

In this article, we will help you clear such apprehensions that you might have about taking up the Financial Risk Manager course.

Here’s why those GARP fees are completely worth it.


1. You increase your local marketability

Once you add the FRM title to your name, your worth and status in the local job market increases significantly.

Simply having those three letters on your job profile will land you better possibilities that match your qualifications in the city or the state you live in.

Having this endorsement augments your current profile and makes it look more attractive. Many employers are seeking the right talent for their positions and you will become much more marketable.

As soon as you update yourself with this course, employers from everywhere will see you in a more positive light and will be interested in getting you on board.

So, why not invest a little to land that perfect job in your own city?


2. You increase your international marketability

If you fancy yourself as a globetrotter, who loves the idea of working overseas, then this course could be the best bet for you. 

Once you get this accreditation under your name, your chances of landing a better-fitting job overseas increase.

You add weight to your CV, and your marketability in the international job arena grows astronomically. Send your CV’s or sign-up to international job sites and the wait for the best opportunity to come your way.

Risk managers are always in high demand globally. Employers are always on the lookout for the best talent when it comes to managing their resources. 

Getting sanctioned by GARP equips you with the qualification needed to excel in the financial industry.

So, you are certainly not wasting your money when you decide to invest in the program.


3. Your knowledge base increases substantially

While going through the program, each student will learn about many areas that will ultimately enhance their knowledge and acumen in many aspects of risk-management, along with practical business information as well.

As a graduate, you will be better equipped with the required knowledge that will help make business decisions more effectively. 

But, be forewarned, this course covers a lot of subjects areas; these range from theoretical to finding solutions for real-world problems.

As such, you are prepared to become an able risk-manager, equipped with essential qualities that you develop as and when your course progresses.

In the end, this is a great investment towards your own preparation for a better quality of life.


4. Increase your chances of getting promoted

With this particular qualification, you better your chances of getting promoted to a higher post if you are already employed. 

Many organizations have policies that support hiring people from within the organization before opening them to external applicants.

As such, if you have all the required skills and qualifications for any higher position, you will automatically be in-line for potential advancement. 

Many global companies have a history of selecting outstanding employees from within for befitting roles.

And, with your certification, you will have an edge over others for any managerial and leadership roles. So, rest assured that all the money you put in for your course will not go in vain.


5. Increase your chances of getting higher roles

Once you complete GARP’s requirements, you open a world of endless opportunities when you explore higher roles and positions in other organizations. 

If you’re already an experienced professional, you can still use your new qualification to land a higher role if you switch to a new company. 

Moreover, in switching companies, you will stand a better chance to command a higher compensation package with the risk manager qualification in hand.

That coveted role you’ve always wanted is now that much closer.


6. Getting a better paycheck

In doing a little research, you will see that individuals who have professional certificates are typically paid more than those who only have the basic skills. 

This is also true globally. Compensation packages to those who continuously add to their acumen are greater than persons who have stopped their educational growth.

Whether you choose the private sector or public sector, after your new qualification, you can be assured that your potential future paychecks will be better. 

That means that the fees paid to complete the course will eventually put you in a better-paid position and will thus cover themselves over time.

On this investment, you will get a positive return.


7. Better connections and better networking opportunities

Once you decide to go after this accreditation, the opportunity to meet a lot of people in the business and the corporate world abounds.

Through GARP’s own network, you’ll also come face-to-face with many risk management professionals from across the globe.

You will meet influential public speakers, recruiters, young entrepreneurs, legendary businessmen, etc. 

The very act of meeting and interacting with such intellectual people will undoubtedly help you build your own intellect as well!

And let’s not forget your very own batch-mates who share similar ambitions as yours. They also become a part of your personal network and they will most-likely come very handy in your professional life.

This amazingly well-crafted program paves the way for you to know and interact with future business managers, leaders and mates who later become business partners or life-long colleagues. 

And remember…we are not talking about spending thousands of dollars.

Totally worth the cost…isn’t it?


8. Improve your communication skills

As a part of this esteemed course, students will be able communicate their risk-management strategies a lot more effectively. 

Effective communication is one of the keys to becoming a good risk manager and through your readings; you will be armed with the right set of communication skills needed to advance in the workplace.

All candidates go through a rigorous training that demands critical thinking and analysis. And these skills that you develop are going to be your invaluable assets for life.


9. Improve your overall personality

That’s right. With the communication skills and tools that the program infuses into participants, you become a confident person overall. 

Your exposure to the world of corporates, entrepreneurs and businessmen will have a great impact on your personal bearings.

From facing an audience, giving presentations in the board room to making negotiations at business meetings, you will be a changed individual. 

This program gives you that confidence to face the world and all the challenges head on.


10. Becoming an entrepreneur

With all the knowledge, skills and confidence in place, you are better poised to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur. There are so many things to be careful of when one decides to become an entrepreneur.

But, being part of this family means you are already aware of the risks, dangers, and pitfalls along the way. You will be in a better position to plan your strategies for making the most out of your ventures.


Final Words

There is no doubt that the FRM fees can seem a bit high at first glance. This eventually creates doubts as to whether it would be wise to enroll in the first place. 

But, in weighing all the reasons and benefits that will accrue to you by having this designation, we cannot but help say…go for it! Every penny you spend on this course is definitely going to be worth it.

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Never lose hope,

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