GARP FRM Frequently Asked Questions – Part 7

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In part 7 of this series, we continue our writings on frequently asked question in the GARP Financial Risk Manager course.

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Identification methods

When it comes to proper means of identification, there are several things you might want to know before going to the test site.

GARP will NOT accept the following:

  • Employer ID cards
  • National ID cards
  • Voter cards
  • Student ID cards
  • Learner permits
  • An ID that has been Photocopied

Additionally, please note the following:

  • Your means of identification MUST have your photo
  • Your ID name must be identical on your exam ticket
  • A valid passport may be used as identification (i.e. not expired)
  • A Government issues driver’s license will be acceptable
  • Failing to produce the proper means for an ID can result in one being barred from entering the test room.

We know of no exceptions to these rules. Should any of these be an issue for you, please contact GARP as soon as possible to sort everything out before exam day.


Keeping materials

Under no circumstance should you take away any GARP provided materials with you when leaving the examination room.

All materials must be handed back to the invigilators or persons in charge of administration.

Taking materials away can result in your results being marked as void. You may also face further disciplinary actions from not obeying the official regulations.


Having scholarships

GARP does provide specific scholarships to students so, if interested, you may contact them directly to find out more information on this.

Scholarship applications will also be available in the official website.


Using external help

Using materials provided by third-party providers is entirely up to the discretion of the student.

The governing body is not responsible in any way if candidates take on additional costs for getting external materials.

The body is also not responsible if you use irrelevant materials or information that misleads you in any way.

GARP does not encourage or promote the use of third-party providers.



There are several situations where candidates may experience the unfortunate action of their results being withheld or not even marked.

Some violations are as given:

  • Speaking to another student after the test has started
  • Continuing after being told to stop
  • Taking prohibited items into the test room
  • Being disruptive
  • Using an unauthorized calculator
  • Using any unauthorized electronic devices
  • Not having proper identification


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