Top Benefits of the GARP FRM Network

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Have you ever wondered about the benefits of being part the massive Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Network?

That crowning moment when you achieve the right to use the designation and become part of the Network will truly be a momentous occasion in your personal and professional career.


GARP’s course

The Global Association of Risk Professionals governs this professional certification program aimed to equip candidates with cutting edge skills in financial risk management.

Course duration can be completed within a year and is laser-focused on practical skills.

In the end, you sit for a two-part exam that assesses your preparedness for financial challenges in the real world.

The pass rate for the exam falls below 50% and one must pass both exams to receive the certification and to officially join the FRM network.

After passing level 1 and 2, you will need to demonstrate at least two years of professional work experience in finance to attain official certification. 

This endorsement holds an inestimable significance among industry employers. It has helped many to ascend the corporate ladder much faster and to accomplish a higher professional status.

Read on to discover how this Platform by the Global Association of Risk Professionals can transform your life and career in Finance and why you must register today.


Certification significance

The FRM certification is pursued by those professionals that want to speed up their career advancement.

It is also a favorite for fresh graduates that want to strengthen their management skills for faster and better employment.

There is a scarce supply of certified individuals. For that reason, this course by GARP has been labeled by the financial industry as the gold standard for financial professionals.

The certification is a top choice for many executive recruiters.

For candidates, the accreditation means higher earnings, more job responsibilities and faster career growth. Certified professionals are problem solvers in organizations, helping to foresee, analyze and create value out of risk.


How can this benefit my career?

Industry events hosted by GARP are created to promote best practices in risk management through dialogues, debates and discussions with practitioners, academics and regulators.

At these events, current topical issues are dissected and possible solutions presented. Attending such events will help you to meet industry influencers and experts.

These networking events are an unmatched opportunity to engage with leaders that shape the future of the financial industry as well as the understanding of financial risk.

From the global network, you will get to learn the best skills from the insights they share.

You will be exposed to varying tools and approaches to risk, receive guidance and broaden your knowledge far beyond the four walls of your office.


Can joining lead to more job opportunities?

Employers expect their staff to be active knowledge seekers, to be well connected and at par with all industry developments. 

Human resource experts believe that employees that undertake networking activities are (much) better suited to adapt to changing organizational and industry needs.

By attending Network events, you will demonstrate that you are keen about personal development and a highly motivated individual. 

You will be in a better position for promotions and higher job responsibilities in your organization.


How can this enhance my professional profile?

Gone are the days when employees simply had to keep their heads down and do a quality job. 

Today, industries demand employees be vocal about issues and to actively participate in shaping the direction of their firm and industry.

By attending GARP seminars, for instance, you get to meet face-to-face with leaders, peers, pioneers, employers and many others and get to engage them in meaningful discussions.

You will get to know more people, and many industry experts will know you from your shrewd ideas. That is an essential asset in your career development! 

Those new business cards carry immense opportunities so take them out and give liberally!

A visible professional profile will turn you into an invaluable asset in your organization. You will be the kind of person that knows and is known by everyone.

And from your networking activities, you will often be asked for your insight, or to make introductions to new clients or associates.


How does the GARP career center work?

The Career Center is a platform for certificate holders to land new jobs or career advancement opportunities. This institution actively participates in linking employers with qualified candidates.

The Career Center is a portal to get access to exclusive job opportunities from a varied pool of institutions, including the likes of:

  • Large Banking Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Hedge Funds and
  • Consulting firms
  • Other notable institutions


What are the local chapters?

These are events for professionals that involve networking, learning and sharing of information on new topics. There are more than 20 chapters that happen regularly in different parts of the world that connect together.

You can take advantage of these chapters to update your knowledge on current issues in management and understanding of risk as a going concern. 

Members are usually allowed to attend meetings in any region of the world, so take out that passport and mark off those dates on the calendar.


What is the importance of listing in the directory?

The FRM Directory by GARP offers you an opportunity to connect with other certified experts. This Network directory is a community of distinctive professionals that have earned their certifications.

Employers can find the best candidate to fill their positions from this amazing gold mine.


Can I attain professional fulfillment?

Apart from all the knowledge and new opportunities you will receive from the network, they will also be opportunities for you to help others along the way.

You can take that opportunity to mentor a young professional in the industry, help another land a job or even aid someone else get a promotion. 

If you love helping others (and we hope that you do), networking is the best way to do that with ease.

Networks are full of colleagues, employers and business owners that have issues that need solving. Additionally, there is a morale boost that you get when you help others overcome their problems.

The altruistic satisfaction from it is unrivaled, but those people will also owe you one and one day you can call them to collect.


What can networking lead to?

Networking opens up many doors to new job positions by making your professional profile highly visible. 

You will not only start to get approached by recruiters but also by clients that may need your expert services on a freelance basis.

Networking can, therefore, transform you from simply being an employee to being an employer.

It all starts with a little courage and by meeting just one person.


Why is it essential to have a Professional Support System?

After passing both the level 1 and level 2 exams and satisfying GARP’s requirements, you will receive the certification and enter into the highly competitive financial industry. 

Risk Management jobs are highly demanding, and without the right support system, all that pressure might just impact your performance too much.

Networking with fellow experts allows you to get advice, second opinions, mentorship and encouragement that will be helpful in your career. It will also help your career if you surround yourself with positive influencers.

These professionals will influence how you approach issues in your career and can help you to thrive and grow.

The peer support can be positive and uplifting at times when things are tough.


Employment prospects

After certification, professionals will share the same top global employers. Top employers include banks, insurance companies, government bodies, asset management firms, investment banking firms and more.

The work environment in these cases involves constant pressure. You will be required to use your practical skills in applications and methodologies to manage and mitigate risk.

After completing the program, most professionals typically comfortably create and implement sophisticated management strategies.

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