Growing Professionally While Working from Home

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The year 2020 will be remembered for several reasons. Top of this list is working and schooling from home.

Through the year, more companies have resigned to the will of the current pandemic and are now embracing and encouraging remote workforces.

Twitter is a great example of organizations encouraging employees to work from home.

This trend also spilled over to the education system, with universities and colleges closing down abruptly, before endorsing online learning. These changes have brought forth a paradigm shift in the job market.

But, does that mean you can’t grow professionally if you’re working from home? The current status will clearly have an impact on your career growth and progression.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow and achieve your career goals.

Take a finance student, for example, while you may not have previously available advantages such as networking, you’ll need a new approach to advance your career.

Additionally, this guide to bettering your career applies even if you’re new to the job market, or you’re seeking to grow and scale the corporate ladder.

So, here are a few tips to consider;


Start a morning routine

One of the biggest hindrances to working efficiently when working from home is the urge to procrastinate. Unlike in the office, there’s no one to question you if you answer emails in bed or carry out your tasks in pajamas.

However, this trend can be dangerous as it can lead to complacency. The more you answer your emails in bed, the more you’ll want to stay in the cozy spot. Ultimately, this will disrupt your efficiency and affect your output.

To fix this, create a simple morning routine close to what you would do if you were going to the office. For instance, you can get up, exercise or meditate, shower, have breakfast, then sit and get started on your tasks for the day.

The routine will help you feel like you’re going to work, so you’ll be more inclined to be efficient as you would at the office.


Outline your tasks for the day

As mentioned above, working from home can cause complacency. You may often find yourself taking hours to complete simple tasks. Such kind of work ethic will ruin your goals to grow professionally.

Working from home can be especially difficult as your attention is on numerous different things. For instance, if you have a family, you’ll have to deal with constant distractions.

Other things such as the television and social media can easily derail you from your responsibilities.

To combat this, create a simple list of your duties for the day. Remember to be realistic as you create your to-do list. As you accomplish each task, mark it off, give yourself a break, and move on to the next one.

This simple act of creating a to-do list will positively impact your progression. That’s because the list forces you to focus on your goals and the need to reach them.


Create a dedicated workspace

Continuing with the aforementioned example, let’s examine the importance of a dedicated working space. Finance positions demand a keen eye, minimal distractions, and thorough focus.

However, when working from home, this kind of space isn’t a guarantee. You might be trying to work, but the TV is playing, music is on, and so forth. This creates a chaotic system where you can barely focus.

Having a devoted workspace can fix most of these issues and provide you with the opportunity to focus on achieving.

Remember, a dedicated workspace can be anything from a spot in the corner or a separate room. The point in creating this space at home is getting rid of distractions such as your phone or TV.



Networking is one of the surest ways to grow professionally. Networking helps you meet new professionals, managers, HR and hiring managers, and potential employers.

With most people working remotely, traditional networking events are few and far stretched. However, you can use innovative opportunities such as online training.

There’s also an emerging trend of online meetings that you can plug into and meet the right people to help you grow professionally.


Manage your time wisely

Working from the office can sometimes be easier since there’s constant management. This means you have to show your bosses you’re productive.

On the other hand, there’s no one towering over you telling you what to do at home.

This means you have to push yourself to accomplish those targets. Manage your time by creating an effective schedule.

The schedule should include all aspects of your life, including working, sleeping, exercising and having some free time.

Managing your time wisely will help you build a great work ethic and create a better work-life balance.


Work when you’re most productive

Working from home has several challenges; however, it also has opportunities you can utilize and grow professionally.

For example, if you’re more productive at night, you can choose to work at this time instead of during the day.

Doing so will ensure you provide high-quality work, which will eventually be noticed, and earn you that promotion you’ve been eyeing.


Remember to exercise

For some professionals and students, the only workout they get is commuting from home to school or work. If you’re in this category, working from home may birth undesired results.

Working out and exercising refreshes the body and energizes you for your tasks ahead. The great thing is that you can be creative around exercising when at home.

For example, you can do a simple 15-minute coffee walk every day, and if you have a pet, you can walk them every evening. Just do something.


Reward yourself

These tips will help you boost your productivity and grow professionally. Normally, at the office, such efforts are noticed and rewarded.

When working from home, it may take a bit longer to have your efforts noticed. But, eventually, they will.

To keep yourself from getting discouraged, reward yourself after an achievement. Set ambitious goals to grow yourself, and when you pass a milestone, celebrate the achievement.

Since you might be limited to the reward, you can be a little creative. For instance, you can give yourself a screen time allowance for a week or so.

Ultimately, it may take a while before companies can comfortably reopen offices. There’s no clear timeline on when this will happen, and as seen, some organizations are already adapting to the change.

Nevertheless, you can still grow professionally and achieve your career goals despite working from home.


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