Helpful Pointers for the Exam – Part 2 of 2

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We now continue with part two of this post. You may read part 1 by clicking here.


Prepare the resources

Prepping the resources that you require to pass is another good tip to know.

The experts will advise students to go beyond the reading list offered by GARP.

Look for third-party providers. These will help increase your knowledge and understanding when it comes to answering questions.

Note that you learn a lot more when tackling actual questions when compared to just reading.

So, other providers are a surefire way of understanding and hammering out all the concepts before the final day.


Watch out for the time

When sitting for the exams, keep in mind that time flies. Proper time management is absolutely essential.

The multiple-choice format isn’t as great as some might think. It can easily throw you off if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Therefore, you should always remember to keep an eye on the time.


Make a game plan

On exam day, it’s always good to relax and keep calm. A great thing to know is that creating a game plan before entering the room will also help you to focus.

For instance, consider starting with the easier or shorter-worded questions first to help you build confidence and get going.

If you come across questions that confuse you, re-read them until you grasp what they are looking for.

While at it, if you are not sure of the correct answer, use the elimination method and make an educated guess.

But whatever you do, never (ever) leave a question blank! You will not lose marks for incorrect answers but you will have a chance if something has been checked.


Don’t panic

There may be questions that you simply don’t know the answer to. That’s okay. If you are struggling with some hard questions just try to remain calm.

Otherwise, things will seem worse and you are thrown off balance.

It becomes difficult to think straight and you begin second-guessing to the extent of changing the correct answers.

When it gets to that point, close your eyes then a few deep breaths. Remind yourself that you can do it and you will do it.


In closing

The above simple tips can be powerful if you use them. This certification sets you apart from the majority of people in the global marketplace and you can get to that higher level.

Hard work and determination. These must be your constant friends in life.


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