Reasons to use FRM Past Papers

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In any high stakes examination, you will need to bring every tool and technique on the mission.

One of the preparation techniques that has worked effectively for past FRM candidates is the use of past papers.

This post explores how reviewing papers can improve your exam readiness and performance.


Analyze before doing the real thing

No soldier walks into battle without performing thorough and relentless drills. These drills do not just help to build strength and wit. They also show areas of weakness.

These are areas that you must tackle head-on if success in the final exam is what you envision.

When you use FRM past papers in your preparation, they serve as a litmus test for your current preparation level.

Your score in these tests can be the wake-up call that you need to work harder, study longer, and get smarter.

The results could also confirm that you have made great strides in understanding the concepts in financial risk management.

It’s an excellent picture of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


The exams are tough, so you need to be tougher

Ask around, and you’ll get the same answer. FRM exams are difficult. You must be filled with determination, and intellectual resilience to get through GARP’s assessments.

Self-testing over and over before the real deal helps to build your intellectual muscles.

One technique that never disappoints is using tougher past tests as you move closer to the day. The strategy turns you into a fast thinker.

It builds and makes clear conceptual maps of how topics are related to real-life scenarios. These are the ingredients for success.


Repeat testing and overcoming fear

The fear of failure; Nothing is more dangerous than this phobia. Fear paralyzes us from the inside out.

It has held back great thinkers, lovers, scientists, artists, inventors, you name it. If you are not well prepared and foresighted, fear could topple your ambitions for success.

We recommend getting a full picture of what testing will be like from working on your areas of weakness with past examples. When you are well prepared, fear will have no place in you.

You could watch motivation videos online, meditate, think positively- but none of that replaces practice. The only way to build confidence and to be better is by taking tests over and over again.

With the right approach, your mind switches to a highly analytical state. It becomes easier to break down complex information and predict outcomes.


It gets you super competitive

Who gets the best scores year after year? The students with a high-level understanding of the topics being tested. They are students with good cognitive processing power.

They have probably tasted failure once (or many times) in their past exams and swore to be better. Studying with past questions turns you into this kind of person.

You can read through your notes repeatedly, wait for your test, and not be sure how you’ll perform.

Or, you could read your notes, test yourself again and again, be sure of where you stand, and push your limits and chances of success every day. (Choose the later).


Getting enhanced memory capacity

Don’t try to visit your doctor for a memory pill prescription. There may be a heavy price to pay for that.

And don’t think about last-minute cramming either- the result for this in most cases is always nothing better than average performance. We have something better- exercise your memory.

Take a test every chance you get using sample questions. It’ll be an exciting and inspiring journey to gradually watch yourself remembering concepts and applying them accurately.

The more FRM questions you review, the better you’ll become at recalling intricate concepts and connecting ideas.


More than a sharp memory…you must be a great thinker

Sometimes we don’t like to spend much time and effort to think. It’s a bit painful at times. And that’s why we are where we are with everything.

GARP aims to solve some of the problems by creating analytical and creative thinkers. By overcoming their course, you prove that you can think outside the box.

It shows that you understand risk to the level that you can manage it into an opportunity.

But you don’t become an analytical thinker overnight. It takes months (and years) of questioning concepts and existing beliefs and opinions.

Studying with past questions is an opportunity to do just that.

So, when you finally get into the testing room, and the questions require you to think in unconventional patterns, you’ll have no problem doing just that.


Navigators have compasses, exam candidates have sample questions

If you were hiking through some unknown jungle, you would need a map. Else, you would end up totally lost.

It’s the same case for your Financial Risk Manager examinations.

You can end up lost if you don’t use the proper tools. Past tests are great pointers of what you must do to achieve success.

Using past sample questions for self-assessment can reveal, for instance, that you need to work on speed.

The questions and their framing can get you acquainted with the ambiguous terminology that examiners so love to use.

The strategy could also remind you of the areas that you need to revise more on- areas that many students fail to study.


Reviewing sample questions is just another study technique

There is no such thing as microwave success when it comes to external assessments. When you register late and time is no longer on your side, you must become a fast learner.

One way to gain quick mastery is by organizing yourself and utilizing sample questions.

These questions will serve as a framework of what you need to study. From the very start, you get to focus your attention on the topic objectives.

It speeds up preparations and fortifies your knowledge.


The bottom line

The benefits of using FRM past papers and sample questions include accelerated information processing, better retention, improved understanding, and accurate progress tracking.

We encourage you to use our free resources to help gauge your level of preparedness and understanding of the vital concepts before exam day.


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