Things That Surprise FRM Achievers When They Start Working

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Earning the FRM certification is extremely beneficial when it comes to job applications and interviews.

However, it does not mean that these individuals are guaranteed jobs. You must still work hard to stand out in an environment that is competitive and filled with many talented persons.

Fortunately, the designation boosts the value to one’s credentials. And you get to showcase this in various forms such as on business cards, resumes, online profiles and in your business activities.

With certification, an employer is likely to give you an opportunity in their organization. They are always looking for people who have made it through a tough challenge such as this.

It can be the pathway to career advancements in the world of finance.

In this article, we look at a few things may surprise you in the working field.


The group is relatively small

Yes, you are truly among an elite group. The pool of certified individuals in this arena is relatively small (at approximately 32,000 in the entire world as at the end of 2020).

Imagine climbing to the top of this rank- the possibilities are just endless. With such a prestigious badge, the world will open up a lot more to receive you.


Being exposed to a vast network

In the last decade, there has a healthy growth rate of over 20% in this community. The program has been accepted globally in many countries.

Asa direct result, achievers will be able to tap into a massive network of professionals, and the connections expound your understanding of the global financial markets.

You get first-hand exposure to industry trends and insights, a chance to improve your technical know-how, and awareness of forthcoming developments that might improve your career status.


You are seen and treated differently

Certification offers numerous career opportunities and getting certified makes you stand out…in a good way!

It differentiates you from everyone else. Most people better their chances as this community continues to grow globally in recognition.

The designation is a mark that can set you apart in the industry. It acts as a gold medal in the financial environment.

During recruitment, employers will prioritize certified professionals for openings that involve risk management.

This endorsement shows that you are proficient and can fulfill your tasks and duties effectively. These professionals are sharp and are skilled decision-makers in identifying opportunities and risks.


The working hours

You are looking at a fast-paced and ambitious profession that demands between 8-12 hours daily.

Whenever there are complex situations that require your department’s attention, don’t expect to greet the loved-ones at home before nightfall. This just comes with the territory- the sooner you accept it as a norm, the better.

However, although there is a lot of pressure in the field, you will experience a level of satisfaction like no other. Job fulfillment and satisfaction are key drivers at play here and you will love it.


The need for flexibility

There will be some situations that call for multi-tasking. You may be expected to stop what you doing and attend to critical situations that the company prioritizes.

The organization needs to know that you are read and alert each day of the week. As a result, emotional and physical fitness should be a priority.

Being skilled with the manipulation of technology is also paramount.


The Recognition

As mentioned earlier, there is an increase in recognition of this movement.

This growing brand has been recognized to help individuals connect to networks that provide a broader knowledge in the markets worldwide.

Many recognize that this path offers advanced opportunities to those with certification…and at a faster pace.

Your gaps in knowledge will be filled faster and this makes you exceptional, as you get exposed to exclusive insights.

You get to stay up-to-date with industry developments and other sector activities. The recognition simply makes you an invaluable employee of any company.


Career opportunities opening up

This designation can help get you wherever you want in your career. Typically, these achievers hold executive and managerial level positions.

And these high-level positions can become stepping-stones to much greater heights in your life.

Moreover, the salaries paid are also encouraging. They range from US$55,000 to US$150,000 yearly, depending on the size of the institution and country in which it operates in.


Educational benefits

Certified Financial Risk Managers naturally acquire a broad array of educational benefits from their studies.

This is so because to obtain the certification, one needs extensive study hours and this becomes a huge learning experience.

An experience that may translate into other learning (or teaching/lecturing) opportunities.


In conclusion

We have discussed that this achievement is not one that is obtained lightly. It takes hard work and patience to get through the course and that’s why those with the designation are exceptions to hiring companies.

It is a significant step that develops your career in risk management.


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