Working as a Risk Manager – Part 2

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Are you looking to make that next big move? Are you willing to dedicate your time and efforts for something greater? Well, read on…

We continue our series looking at what’s it like being a Financial Risk Manager. You can read the previous post by clicking here.


The hours

So, if you are looking to have a job that does not require you to work many hours per week or does not ask of too much effort, then…this is not for you.

Highly successful risk managers are characterized by having extremely good work ethic. You will find that these persons arrive at work early and tend to leave late after most persons in the department.

We trust that you are one such individual and will have no issues putting in the long hours to have your name propelled to the top of the field.

Remember that we are loving in a dynamic and competitive world. Those who work hardest and are most flexible will tend to outshine others around them.


Duties and expectations

Persons who are in the business of risk management will need to be comfortable with certain things and some of these will include:

  • Spending hours in front of computer screens
  • Completing lengthy research sessions each week
  • Communicating clearly with colleagues and senior staff members
  • Making and presenting Power Point presentations to groups of persons, including board members


The character

Working in the financial sector typically requires individuals to take on a certain type of character and behaviour.

You will be tested time and time again. Your limits will be reached. But you cannot stop.

To be successful, you must have specific qualities:

  • Being able to debate and argue your point of view and being able to explain your views in the face of heated challenge
  • Having an analytical and creative mind
  • Being able to challenge yourself to accept alternate views and ways of doing things
  • Standing in front of senior staff members and board members and field a wide range of questions coming at you from all angles


Above all

Being a successful risk manager, and indeed a successful person, requires you to have extremely high integrity and to be above-board at all times.

You must carry an unshakable disposition towards always doing the correct thing…not the easiest thing, nor what everyone else is doing…but the correct and ethical thing.

Too many have compromised their standards and have fallen short of their true potential. Be sure you are not in this group.


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