A Few Things to Know Before Taking the FRM Course

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To be a certified Financial Risk Manager, you have to pass two exams administered by GARP and show that you have the required experience. The end result can be a gratifying and lucrative position in the financial industry.

However, before you can take up these responsibilities, there is a process to overcome.

You will never take this occupation overnight, and you need to be hardworking and very dedicated.

Compared to other recognized certifications, this is more specialized and detailed. Bear in mind that the calculations can be sophisticated.

Herein are a few things that you should understand before registering and what you need to know to pass:


Test grades

There’s no middle ground here. GARP will grade your exam with either pass or fail. They notify you of the results via email six weeks after taking the test.


Identification requirements

Here you have to plan well. On the big day, original documents are supposed to be submitted to prove that you are the actual person registered. Every detail should match accordingly.

You may take your current passport that the government issued to you. Remember, it must not be replicated or expired. The name on the admission ticket should read the same as the identification forwarded.

The identification submitted should have a photo of you attached to it to verify your identity thoroughly.

Any exceptions to the policy are null and void. If you do not have valid identification, they will not allow you stay.


Exam deferrals

For whatever reason that would push you to defer your exams, you should do it before the last day of registration. However, you will only do this just one time to the next date given for the exams.

Unfortunately, you have to pay a fee for deferring. The latest information can be had at these links:

FAQ Link

Fees Link


Required study time

People taking up these exams are always on different levels. These areas of differentiation include knowledge, experience and skill.

The fact is every person who is about to sit for the tests should figure out the amount of time they might need to do their own studies.

Some do recommend spending around 150 to 300 studying hours for proper completion of the subject matter (for each level). This time does not include going through practice questions.

Besides the available comprehensive guide for the exams, the official body publishes other materials for students to read. The readings, however, will come from various books that cover a wide range.


Structure a study plan

It would be best if you structured your study plan right from the beginning. It helps you ensure that you constantly build your knowledge and keep in-check before the actual sitting.

You also get to know what might interfere with your preparations beforehand and can adjust accordingly.

Remember, you need to be disciplined and committed to it. The plan should help you understand how to revise, how to tackle the questions, and how to take time off if things get tight at work or in case you miss studies.


Take a break before the sitting

Before tackling the big day, it’s advisable to take some time off work. This is to give you sufficient time and a little bit of freedom to do a thorough revision on everything.

Additionally, it can be a big help with reducing your stress levels.


The gap for completion

For those who opt not to do Part II immediately after completing the first, you can only take up to four years to pass the second level.

After completing the two parts, the official body gives you five years to complete your two-year job experience needed for certification.


Scholarship programs

The faculty members or students in the Academic Partner program have access to the scholarships covering the first level.

Anyone interested in the option must reach out to the Academic Partners via Member Services to get more information.

FAQ Link


Obtaining certification

After you have passed both levels, GARP will send a notification email. At this moment, you will be required to submit your proof of relevant job experience.

The successful candidates will receive their certificates after the submitted job experience has been reviewed and approved.


Using the designation

After receiving the certificate, it’s time to use the FRM designation on letterheads, business cards, and CVs or resumes. At this point, you can also opt to be included in the Certified Directory.

This designation gives more value to your name. Therefore, use it appropriately to show your achievement.

The exact dates of the tests

Following the link below to get up-to-date information of all test dates available:

Latest Information


All the best!

In a nutshell, it’s advisable to do adequate preparation to pass this obstacle. If you are aiming to face this particular challenge, follow the above-mentioned points, and you will be good to go.


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