A Reminder of Why…

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Deciding to pursue higher goals in life is always a noble but challenging feat. Going for higher education will always add to your life and never take away from it.

Nevertheless, we understand that the difficulties presented may seem overwhelming and thoughts of quitting do enter our minds at times.

To tackle those negative thoughts, we share the following:


Focus on the bigger picture

There is so much to gain in this world. Don’t let a few hours of studying discourage you from getting what you deserve.

Yes, you will have to limit the time spent with friends and having a good time out- but, imagine how much better things will be once you climb a bit higher.

Don’t be distracted by what’s right in front of you.

Focus your thoughts on what is to come.


Remind yourself of the reasons why

You started this journey for some reason. Was it to be a better person? Was it to get to a better position so that you could provide for your family?

Or perhaps, there was an inner drive inside you pushing you forward?

Whatever it was, keep remining yourself of why you are on this journey. Write it down if you have to and read this note over and over each day.

As they say…quitters never win and winners never quit.


Nothing good comes easy

Anything that is worth your time will take effort to achieve. Nothing good comes easy and this has been proven to be true time and again throughout history.

That special position, salary, car, house or bank account is there waiting to be taken up by you. There’s just a bit of struggle and pain between those things and you.

Make up your mind and just get it done.


Others have done it

If others can go through this challenge and come out victorious, then so can you. You are as special and brilliant as anyone else out there.

Believe in yourself.


In conclusion

We urge you to take on the toughest challenges out there and prove your worth. Don’t let any person or thing stop you from achieving your dreams.

Life is a journey. Take the rugged path.


Be the best and only the best,

The QuestionBank Family