Am I too Old for Professional Certification?

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There is zero age discrimination in most professional fields. Age equates to experience.

Throwing a professional certification into the mix could be what it takes to add passion and momentum to your career.

Here are some reasons why age is just a number when it comes to advancing your education:


Breathing new meaning into your career

You deserve to work with passion. An older age shouldn’t be a reason to struggle with an unexciting job.

Through an advanced program, you will get exposed to new ways of doing things.

This is a chance to earn new skills that could make you the best at what you do.

And when you get better at accomplishing your duties and responsibilities, you may fall in love with your job even more.


Looking forward to your workday

Your job ceases to be just about paying the bills when you take the time to advance your skills.

An advanced education can make you an all-rounder at work, with up to date digital skills, leadership skills, and knowledge of regulations.

You can become the go-to problem solver, regardless of the color of your hair.


You are never old to make a change

Your age shouldn’t disqualify you from a better life or more opportunities. There are people making career changes in their late forties, fifties and even sixties.

That awakening of passion and meaning in life comes at different ages for each of us.

If you are contemplating switching careers to a different field, you may need accreditation in that area to augment your skills.


Learning never stops

You could be in a senior management position already, but learning should never stop.

Every day, concepts in finance, education, engineering, and other fields get updated and modified.

Regulations change as well, driven by changing demographics and buyer behaviors.

If you want to remain on top of your game, it will help to refresh your skills and get the credentials to match.


The job market for older persons is ‘hot!’

That’s how a CNBC news piece describes it. Older people are getting employed. Many are making career changes and finding new work with better pay and benefits.

In March 2018, the unemployment rate among people aged 55 was 3.2% which was noticeably lower than the national average of 4.1% for the entire U.S. population.

That means that getting an advanced title can increase your chances of finding a new job with better pay.


A better life after retirement

The number one compelling factor for getting a professional endorsement is career advancement and salary raise.

These motivations still hold meaning, even when you are older.

If you fear that you are nearing your retirement age and still have not saved enough money, the further education may be the way to go.

It’s a ticket to improving your skills, getting the promotion, and earning more.

A higher salary will guarantee you better retirement benefits.


Old age is an eye-opener

When you grow older, your perspectives and approaches in life change. You start to see things in a new light.

You may find a new passion for your job, for which advanced education makes things even better.

You may find that you want to try something in another field or that you need to get more involved in mentorship or leadership at work.

In all these cases higher education puts you more in touch with your needs, the needs of workers, and the organization.


You must stay relevant

Technological revolutions, increasing competition, changing regulations, and inter-company relations- these are some of the many factors driving change in today’s work environment.

Your workplace may be adopting new ways of doing things, and in that case, you will need to update your skills if you wish to retain your job.


Venturing out on your own

You are older…and smarter. Forbes reports that people aged about 50 are more successful at starting businesses than those aged 25 and below.

That’s probably why the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken was already over 60 when he came up with the idea.

It’s the same story for companies such as Intel, LinkedIn, and many others.

If you are older and thinking of starting a business in your current field, professional education can be a good ambassador to have by your side.


Break the stereotype

Education is not just about textbook learning. The right program focuses on strengthening your practical skills.

The new knowledge could make you highly invaluable, earning you a seat in high-level meetings, respect and admiration among your colleagues.


Take on a new challenge & stay forever young

We all know that brain performance starts to slow somewhere around our 50th birthday. Constant learning can help to reverse this aging process and keep your brain healthier.

And having to wake up earlier to read for your program may also make you motivated.

Life gets a new meaning when you realize that you can accomplish anything despite your fleeting age.


Become a role model for those around you

We have talked about mentorship at work and the great influence that you can become for junior employees when you advance yourself.

That influence is not limited to the work environment.

It could be what gets your son or daughter to work hard in their studies.

It can be what gets your younger friends to re-think their plans in life and champion career advancement through knowledge acquisition.


The industry could be changing

Changes do not just occur at an organizational level. Sometimes they are industry-wide.

If this change demands that you gain new knowledge, it would be best, in that case, to go in for it.

This change could also require that you find new work in the same field or a different one altogether.

Education is always a great bet and it can help you make a successful transition.


Limited time?

When you have no time for long term study programs, shorter study courses may be your best option.

Most programs can be accomplished in less than a year, and that’s something good if you are worried about the number of candles on your last birthday cake.

And also, you can study as you work, which can’t be said for most degree programs.


Financial responsibilities

A master’s degree can be extremely costly if you are schooling your children and supporting your partner in their business or education at the same time.

A professional course gives you all the skills and credibility you need without busting your budget.


A renewed sense of purpose

Maybe you feel stuck in the matrix of your nine-to-five. Perhaps you want to be in the driver’s seat for your own life and do what pleases you.

You want to live your life with freedom and purpose- to take on new projects, switch to a different department in your organization, work part-time as a consultant or tackle a new challenge after breaking the proverbial ceiling in your career.

Whatever you decide to do, professional credibility and new knowledge in your field will help to accelerate your dreams.


Be a trailblazer

When you were younger, you didn’t worry too much about proficiency in your job because you had a boss to do quality control over your work.

You didn’t worry about leadership skills because you were not a team leader.

But now that you are older and experienced, HR just promoted you.

Getting certification now can help you deliver even better in your capacity as a senior manager.


Leave a legacy

If you wish to leave a legacy, you must have an insatiable thirst for knowledge without restrictions.

You must have a desire to innovate and challenge old systems.

You need to be a better leader and be the go-to person for problem-solving to carve your name in the industry’s hall of fame.

Advanced certification is the way to go. It helps with authenticity and proficiency- the two most essential tools in your quest.


You need newer networks

Professional relationships can get old and even wilt. That is because your college buddies move up the career ladder, move into new fields, or simply join other networks.

Additional certification may be the best way to tap into newer networks.

Knowing the right persons is essential for whatever career move you are planning at this stage in life.


The takeaway

You are not too old to seek professional certification. Learning should be a life-long endeavor. Your brain needs newer challenges to remain young and healthy.

And hey – having more money and higher job satisfaction are bad either.


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