Avoidable FRM Mistakes – Part 1

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In this article, we will be starting our series on those mistakes you will need to avoid for your exam preparation efforts.

Unfortunately, too many persons make these mistakes each year and they do end up paying for it…figuratively and literally.

But all is not lost! We are here and you will see some of the things to watch out for before its too late. So, get comfortable and let us start.

Here are some of the things that you should do:


Start early

This is at the very top of our list and it pains us to see so many making this avoidable mistake each and every single year.

Covering the entire FRM syllabus is no easy task…covering it properly is completely another matter.

Trust us – your journey will be so much better if you start to review your materials as early as possible.

Remember that life always comes in the way and you should expect to have events that will take time away from your study efforts.

(That’s just how it is)

Your best chance of success will come when you have the greatest amount of time possible to review.

And guess what – GARP offers reduced prices to those who sign up early! So, why not take advantage of the better prices and start working immediately?


Go with speed

Assuming that you started studying really early, then you could get away with a slower pace.

But, if you are like many of us out there, time is simply not a luxury that you can afford at the moment.

And, as a direct result of this, you find that there’s a whole bunch of stuff to get through and just not enough time to do it.

To help with this- write down the number of weeks you have until the exam, then make a note of the number of chapters (or books) that you need to cover.

You know where this is going, right?


This will let you have some sort of an idea of how many chapters you’ll need to complete each week. Remember that this will be a rough estimate – some chapters will be much longer than others so your mileage will vary.

But the tip remains the same – make a note on your calendar (electronic or paper), set up some reminders on your phone and try your very best to stick to the schedule!


Ask for some space

Some persons tend to keep their exam date a bit of a secret for various reasons – they may not want the added pressure from external expectations, they may rather have privacy or simply they don’t see the need for telling anyone.

However, we think it’s generally a good idea to let others know you are deep in studying. The reason for this is that they will know to give you some additional space.

You really don’t want your cell to be ringing constantly with friends chatting about things that aren’t important when you have a killer examination right around the corner, yes?

Let them know that this thing is really important to you and you need some time away from your regular duties to properly focus on the task at hand.

Don’t worry- they will understand. (Well…the good friends will)


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