Job Search Preparation – Part 3

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In today’s article, we will look at some of the files you will need to be on your A-Game.

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1: Collating your previous work

Although you may not be required (or even asked for this), it’s generally a good idea to gather information on your previous works.

Essentially, you are putting together samples of your best works to show to your potential employers.

Of course, your “samples” will mean different things for different persons. Your portfolio may contain work showing previous on; clothing designs that you did, website designs, articles that you may have done and so forth.

Having these on hand may really impress hiring managers and you could be surprised how many will get back to contact you and inquire of your exploits.


2: A great resume

This goes without saying but there are still some things that need repeating.

This is normally your one shot at impressing someone who will be looking at your details for only a few seconds.

Yes, you read that right- many hiring managers need to go through so many files that they tend to only glance at each one- some estimates put this figure at 10 seconds!

Persons who have lots of experience and have been exposed to many areas would probably end up have a 2-page resume.

However, many will probably end up having a 1-pager. Just remember…this is completely okay! If fact, it is often preferred that your details are short and straight to the point.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that “the longer the better“ – this is far from the truth and it takes some understanding (and courage) to do it the right way.


3: Tailor-made

Please do not make the mistake of having one cover letter and one resume and using them to apply to every single thing out there.

Your letters must be tailor-made to each job application you are sending out to!

Every single job is unique and your resume should be no different. There are certain words that will be more appropriate in some instances than others.

Each employer will be looking for particular qualifications, experience, education and personalities. You simply need to pivot yourself and present your best side always.


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