Job Search Preparation – Part 2

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In this post, we continue to look at some important tips for you to keep in mind once your studies are over.

We will be specifically looking at the benefits of networking.

This information will also be generally useful to those who are still considering to further their education.


1: Conducting interviews

This particular skill isn’t exactly a secret but we can tell you that it hasn’t been properly utilized by many in their respective fields.

Requesting informal meetings with industry players can be a great way to learn insights needed to properly understand your field as well as to build your network.

Additionally, conducting these informal interviews may possibly land you that dream position!


2: Asking for recommendations

Sometimes getting your information from another friend, colleague or past co-worker can be a more powerful tool at selling your skills than you could possibly do for yourself.

Asking former acquaintances for their time and recommendation is really another great way to sell your skills to future employees.

Chances are, you would have formed relationships in the past and there is no shame in using their reach.


3: Getting referrals

For this point, we consider going to a former boss or manager and directly asking them for a referral.

We are going to assume that you left a good impression on your former (or present) co-workers.

Remember, this world is a lot smaller that we realize.

Always try to do your best and to give your all- no matter if you are doing something that is for the short-term.

One positive impression can lead to open doors that you didn’t realize were there in the first place.


4: Attending networking sessions

This is another critical one that too many of us fail at.

It is extremely important that you “get yourself out there” and make a name.

Get comfortable with attending networking sessions and meetings.

Get really comfortable with approaching complete strangers and building a connection with them.

As someone once said…your network is your net worth.


5: Just reach out!

Make a call.

Send an email.

Hand in that application.

Whatever it is, push yourself to be “out there” and get your name in the minds of those who can take you places!


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