Common FRM Mistakes – Part 1

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In this series, we will be looking at those mistakes all FRM candidates should avoid in their preparation efforts leading up to the exam.

We will also be sharing a few things to watch out for when you are actually in the testing room.


Starting late

This is one area that requires more self-discipline than anything else. It is also an area in which many students are guilty of doing.

We always urge our students to start as early as possible. Pick up that guide, text or even go through some sample questions.

Each year, everyone is always surprised at how quick time goes by so don’t fall into this trap of waiting.

Chances are, there will be some unforeseen event that takes place in your life and interferes with your studies. This is just how life is.

So, don’t delay. Start now.


Not using a calendar

Always try to schedule your study sessions and practice workings.

Planning each session in advance can be a tremendous help when it comes to properly going through all the materials as well as giving yourself enough time to adequately understand what is required.

Some may prefer physical calendars while others will go for a digital type- whatever your preference, just use one as effectively as you can.

Be sure to make clear markings for:

  • Completing each section
  • Finishing an entire book
  • Dates for practicing sample questions
  • Time for re-reading difficult sections
  • And of course, the date of the exam


Having a slow pace

Having a dedicated calendar can also help here. Whenever starting the course, it is extremely easy to feel that there is all the time in the world – but this is never so.

Get into the habit of timing yourself and sectional progression. You may want to do this on a weekly (or possibly daily) basis.

We would also like you to try using a clock or timer for each of your sessions. Record how well you have been performing each day and how much you were able to go through in an average session.

Doing this will help make you a lot more conscious of the pace at which you are going.


Not asking for help

Yes, the exams are difficult but there is no need for you to do it all alone.

Try reaching out to someone who’s mor experienced than you or perhaps someone who has passed the course.

You may be surprised at just how willing others are to help you in getting this task done.

Additionally, candidates who reached out to others sometimes do find that having a difficult concept being explained by another person is much better than reading about it in solitude.


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