Common FRM Mistakes – Part 2

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We continue our series on avoiding certain mistakes while completing the Financial Risk Manager course.

You may read part 1 by clicking here.


Mismanaging personal and professional times

We always recommend that students try to plan their study efforts around their work and personal life, as well as to see how the two can be integrated.

Of course, you should always try to see how the theoretical aspects of the books can extend to the real-world applications in your own job.

Studying and making those connections to your actual work life is one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional development.

For the personal-side, all your friends and family members must know that you are engaged in this tremendous effort. It’s okay to ask for some space (and understanding) in order to reach this goal.

So, communicate what you are doing to others. Many will understand and help. Some will even go the extra distance to make your dreams a reality.


Not taking care of yourself

Ignoring your heath is one of those things many of us are guilty of at times. Nevertheless, caution must be taken in this area.

Ignoring your well-being (physically or mentally) is never a good thing in the long run. We understand that you will have to spend time covering and understanding everything. This will mean late nights and sacrifice.

But it should never mean damaging your health- it’s the one thing you cannot afford to lose!

Make time for getting rest, eating healthy as well as exercise.


Not making a plan for exam day

Don’t fall into the mistake of leaving things to chance for your big day.

  • Know the route that you will be taking
  • Get an idea of how long the travel will be
  • Make adjustments for heavier-than-normal traffic
  • Have all your things packed up and ready to go
  • Pack your approved calculator (visit GARP FAQ on this if necessary)
  • Have proper identification ready (e.g. passport I.D.)
  • Have a print-out of your examination ticket
  • Make time for having a proper breakfast
  • Have water to drink on hand (you do not want to be dehydrated at all)
  • Carry some protein snack or something that will help you get through the day
  • Carry enough money (some cash and a credit card) just in case


Ignoring sample questions

We cannot stress this aspect enough. Please know that this is a vital part of your preparation efforts.

Your study and review will not be complete unless you try sample questions in advance of the actual exam.

Practice questions will help you to understand those areas where you may need some more help.

Such questions may also help you to properly pace yourself in the real thing.

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