FRM Game Plan – 6 Months Before Exam Day

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Candidates who have a full 6 months before being tested by GARP do have some amount of luxury when it comes to time.

However, this situation actually depends on the type of work experience one has and their educational background.

Nevertheless, having this much time should be quite okay for many persons. Here, we outline a few things that students will want to be reminded of in the coming months ahead of test day.


Making a time plan

We implore you to use your time wisely! 6 months may seem a long time away, but it really isn’t. Before you know it, the test date will be right around the corner. Too many students have stumbled unnecessarily here.

Take a day to fully outline your schedule in order to complete all the study materials. And be sure to account for possible unforeseen factors that may rob you of time.


Reading the texts

With half-a-year available, you should make it a priority to go through all your official texts thoroughly.

Take time in absorbing what each chapter is really about and how the information ties into the risk management framework.

Right now, this is critical, as you will not have the time to revisit every single detail the closer we get to test day.


Making notes

We recommend that all students make their own original notes and regularly revisit them during the time period. With time on your side, create proper notes, jottings and summaries for each segment.

Be sure to update your own notes as you progress- this includes adding to, modifying or erasing content as you go on.


Selecting the progress order

Here, you will have to decide whether you’d like to go through everything in a given order or not. This is a matter of personal preference and experience.

Some will decide to go through in the given text numbering order shown by GARP, while others will opt for a more random coverage.

Whatever you decide, be sure that enough time is allocated to ensure full coverage of everything.


Progress tracking

Even though there’s months ahead of you, be sure to create progress milestones. This will help you to determine if you need to pick up the pace or not.

Create a checklist of topics that are needed to completed and actively follow-up on this at the end of each week.


Selecting a study format

For this one, you should decide whether you’ll be primarily studying on your own or in a group setting. Again, this is a matter of personal preference.

If you decide to do a group format, then be sure to organize early and have everyone settle down as quickly as possible. Be sure that all group members are onboard and serious about studying.

If you find yourself in a group that is constantly getting sidetracked and talking about everything others than risk management, then kindly excuse yourself from this environment.

You cannot afford to waste time and everyone should know that.


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