FRM Game Plan – 3 Months Before Exam Day

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Now, we are 3 months away from sitting the examinations. Of course, a few things will have changed since you started. Your pace and overall knowledge would have improved over this time period. And judging by how well you managed your time, you should be a bit more comfortable with the contents.

We now revisit a few things that would have changed.


Revisiting your time outline

Unlike 3 months ago, when things were a bit more relaxed and easier going, your view should now be different. There should be a greater sense of urgency when keeping track of time. At this point, you must look at how much has been covered and how much is left to do. You should be roughly half-way through the entire syllabus.


Going through the texts

With approximately 3 months before test day, you should still be going through the official text and guides at a reasonable pace. A general understanding of the various segments must be accomplished and key linkages should be forming.

At this point, you should also start to incorporate third-party information, such as summaries and segment overviews. This is don’t to augment your overall understanding of everything, particularly key concepts.

Please note that we don’t recommend students ignoring the official books in favor of external guides (no matter how good they say they are).

The better thing to do is to use both information sets and solidify your overall understanding of the topics.


Revising notes

Here, we still highly recommend that students continue with their respective note-making plans. However, the composition of your notes should be a bit more laser-focused on those things that are extremely important and for any problem areas that may arise.

Your notes should now be arranged in a more focused manner and not so much in a voluminous fashion. Initially, you may have been tempted to write a lot down in the transfer process, but you should now be more selective in terms of what is recorded.

Of course, we expect that students would be regularly reviewing their notes each week and see where they need to improve.


Linking concepts

Depending on the manner in which you are going through the material (whether in an ordered sequence or randomly), you should now be making various links across each of the segments.

It should be apparent that the use of certain formulas is actually repeated more than others. Be sure to know these by heart and how to manipulate them in an exam setting.


Track everything

Again, we stress that a proper understanding of how you have been progressing is extremely vital to your success.

It is virtually impossible to know if you have been studying at a reasonable pace if you do not deliberately track your schedule and the time in which you used to cover what has been done.

By writing things down, you will get a better understanding if you need to pick up the pace.


Group sessions

If you have decided that you’ll be going through the material using group sessions, then enough time would have already elapsed and you should know how to proceed.

Are the group members focused and making good on every opportunity time wise? Or are they simply coming together to chat and have a big social gathering?

You must now decide if it is prudent to stay or leave. There is absolutely no time to waste and the sooner you can make this decision, the better.


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