FRM Game Plan – 1 Month Before Exam Day

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Okay, so now we are just 1 month away from the test date. Of course, it goes without saying that things have changed dramatically and there is no time to waste.

Your focus should be only on one thing – passing that exam (or exams, if you are doing doth on the same day).

You should be feeling a bit more tense but the amount of knowledge that you have is now much greater than before.

Remember – It’s okay to be a little nervous at this point (this is normal for many of us).

Now let’s look over a few things of interest.


The overall time outlines

With only 4 weeks to go before you walk into that testing facility, you (ideally) should have already completed the time stamps for going over everything the official texts required you to.

You would have competed the milestones in terms of; going over all the various topics and sub-topics, understanding the various linkages and having a solid base mentally of the entire course.

If you are not yet at this stage, then we urge you to seriously pick up the pace at which you are covering the exam materials.

This is no time to joke- think of the burden of going over all this again if you don’t succeed this time around. Make the effort and just get it done. You can do it.


Covering the official textbooks

By this point in time, you would (or should) have finished reading through your official GARP textbooks and would have revised those sections which would have been causing you the most problems to understand.

Here, you would be comfortable in terms of understanding the various connections as presented throughout the study guides.

You should also be comfortable in making pertinent assumptions to the point where you are able to do various manipulations of the various concepts.

In terms of coverage, it is expected that you will revisit the official texts to do a minor mental refresh every now and again. We do not expect that you would be just discovering major aspects as outlined in the official literature.


Covering third-party materials

Many students would be using additional external materials to complement their studies right now and this is totally fine.

However, we expect that you would have also gone through the third-party summaries and overviews as well. We hope that you would now be in a position where you are clearly seeing the various interconnections running across the syllabus.

We hope that whatever help you selected would have been extremely helpful and that you are now more at ease with the overall contents on your way to becoming a Financial Risk Manager.

Again, we do not recommend that you wholly lean on information provided by help provided by third-party institutions. We would rather you use them to add to the official content and not replace it.


Reviewing notes

For the most part, your note-creation process would have largely been finished, or at least coming to an end.

We expect that you would have been revising your own notes and would have been making adjustments along the way to better your overall understanding of the topics.

It should now be a part of your process of reviewing these notes each and every week.

Please ensure that these have been arranged in a comprehensive fashion and you can easily access their contents at any time.

Organization is key to success in the examinations.


Seeing how everything ties together

At this point in time, you should be comfortable in your knowledge of the various segments and you should also be combining the various bits and pieces of information together mentally.

We hope that there won’t be too many pieces of the puzzle missing, so to speak.


Completing group sessions

With so little time before your exam, we hope that the various group sessions (assuming you went this route) would be now closing off.

You are now entering a phase where time should now be spent alone, revising everything to make sure your grip on the subject is completely solid.

We hope that the sessions were productive and that you learned a lot. Unfortunately, too many persons would have found themselves spending a lot of time going around in circles with study groups.

(Too much unproductive chatter – sounds familiar?)


In the end

We hope that you would now be in a much better position, compared to when you started months ago. Always remember why you started this journey and remain focused.

The end is almost here and you are in reaching distance!


Thank you!

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No time to quit,

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