FRM Game Plan – 1 Week Before Exam Day

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7 days before all your knowledge, experience and determination are put to the test. 7 days until you walk into the testing room and GARP applies pressure.

At this point in time, students would need to have a laser-like focus on one thing – achieving success in their examinations. Right now, not much else is more important to you.

So, what can we tell you now?


About your state of mind

Students should be fully aware of all pertinent concepts, formulas and should now have a great overall understanding of the syllabus.

We trust that you have already put in the relevant study hours and are confident in your knowledge and overall command of the numerous topics.

We understand that some may still need to do a quick check in the official guides every now and then. But we hope that this is just to reinforce what you already know.

It is truly hoped that no student will be just now reading new content and trying to understand any new topic.

You must be very familiar with the various segments to the point that you can effortlessly explain them to anyone.


Practice, practice, practice

We trust that your thoughts would have already shifted fully towards working out practice questions.

Now is the time to fully embrace mock exams and practice questions each and every day leading up to the real thing.

Utilizing sample questions will not only help you with revision and retention efforts but they will also help put you in the proper frame of mind.

We have many free sample questions that you can download right now and you should try these out to test your preparedness.

Also, we have no requirements for you to create an account or provide personal details to access our content.

Feel free to download all of our content on the Shop Page.


Plan your route

We urge all candidates to plan their respective routes before the actual day. We also ask that you account for any potential unforeseen traffic or hiccups of this nature.

A great thing to do is to aim to get to the site at least 1 hour before the scheduled start. In order to do this, you must mentally work backwards and plan out every single detail prior to leaving the house.


Everyone on high alert

Be sure to let everyone around you know that your big day is coming up and you will need your time and space to function properly.

If it is your plan, try to arrange a ride (and a backup) to the test site at least 1 week in advance. Haves adequate cash on hand in case there is an emergency or any particular need.


Don’t forget to rest

This is not the time to wear your body down so much, that you get a cold or something. Remember that having proper rest and a good diet are always needed, no matter what the circumstance is.

Take time out periodically to put your mind and body at ease. This will actually help to lower your stress levels.


Thank you!

The time is almost near! We know that your blood is pumping and the tension is high. Take your time, relax and always be positive!

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Success is near,

The QuestionBank Family