FRM Game Plan – 1 Day Before Exam Day

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Time has flown by so quickly. What seemed like an eternity before is now at the doorstep. It’s the day before your examination (or examinations, as the case may be), so what do you do now?

The truth is…there is still a whole lot you can do at this point!

We offer a few thoughts at this time.


The single most important thing

We want to cover this point right away as we believe it to be the single most important thing at this point.

You must be a good night’s rest! Walking into that test site exhausted is not a great way to begin. Being tired before a 4-hour exam is a scenario in which you should try to avoid at all costs.

Having ‘brain fog’ is one of the worst feelings to have when such an important event is ahead of you. At this point in time, we urge all students to get adequate sleep above all else.


Pulling an all-nighter

Here’s the thing. We know you have heard some great stories out there of students pulling an all-nighter and coming out victorious. You may even be one of those who pulled it off!

But, with such a tactic, we are willing to bet that there are more disaster stories than victory ones. We hope that you would have paced yourself well leading up to this day and need not do such a thing.


Avoid distractions

Unfortunately, major things can happen 24 hours before your big day which will throw you off. In order to minimize this potential, we ask that you do a few things the day before:

  • Try to stay away from social media
  • Try to avoid negative or toxic persons
  • Stay secluded as much as you can
  • Seek to put your mind at ease


The right mental stance

It is very important that you put yourself in a positive frame of mind right now.

  • Banish all negative thoughts from your mind
  • Focus on good and positive things around you
  • Tell yourself that you will be victorious


Thank you!

It’s showtime. Make yourself proud!


Success is near,

The QuestionBank Family