FRM Game Plan – The Crash Course Guide

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So, we really hope that not too many students will be needing an article like this one. However, there’s a chance that some will be, so we are going right into it.

For whatever reason, some students may find themselves in this unenviable position. A position where there’s just not enough time to go through everything in detail…and the exam is almost here.

Is everything lost? Heck no! We have a little time left and we are going to squeeze every thing we can get from it!


A safe spot

We recommend quickly (and we mean quickly) finding some safe space that you can hyper focus on the material in front of you. There should be absolutely no distractions.

Put that phone on ‘airplane mode’ or just turn it off. There is no time to waste. We cannot afford to be checking social media or watching cats play the piano.

Find some quiet secluded environment and get to work.


About that social life

Well…right now there can be no social life (seriously). No weekend breaks, no drinking with the guys and no television. Tell everyone that you will not be available.

Let them know that you can resume the regular activities a bit later. Right now, you have work to do.


What to focus on

This is a crash course guide. We recommend going straight to the practice questions and mock exams to get maximum value. Spend your time going through questions in order to get an understanding of what is to come.

These sample questions will also put you in the proper frame of mind and will help keep you focused on what is important.

Going through questions will also serve as a review of the official content as well. This, as you will learn the subject matter in an indirect fashion from trying to solve these problems.

If you are particularly weak in any given subject area, we recommend spending a bit more time on questions surrounding it.

However, at this late stage, you may be better off trying to go through as many varied problems as possible. You may want to go for maximum coverage, instead of going too deep in any one area.


Look at the weightings

With little time available, we also recommend that you put more emphasis on those areas that naturally carry a higher percentage weight.

For example, in level 1, more time should be spent on:

  • Financial Markets and Products (a 30% weight)
  • Valuations and Risk Models (a 30% weight)

In level 2, things are spread-out more, but the following segments are heavier:

  • Market Risk Measurement (a 20% weight)
  • Credit Risk Measurement (a 20% weight)
  • Operational Risk and Resiliency (a 20% weight)


Be positive

It’s doing no good if you are beating yourself because of poor planning or even circumstance that were beyond your control. You can accept where you are and still be positive about the situation.

Tell yourself that you will still try. You have no reason to give up, so don’t do it.


Should I go to the exam?

Yes. Go to the exam and do what you can. Regardless of the outcome, you would have gained some experience by facing the challenge. Don’t let negative emotions get the best of you. Stand up and face the challenge.


In the end

As we said before- although you have found yourself in a not-so-great position, there is no reason not to try. Still give it your all, even at this late stage. You never know what might come of it!

It may be late, but you can still try the following sources and gain:


It’s not over…until it’s over,

The QuestionBank Family