FRM Game Plan – What to Do in the Exam Room

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Okay, this is it. We are now in the test room and the questions are staring right back at you. All your months of reading and studying will be put to the test. Here are a few pointers.


Before walking in

Just before you actually walk in to have your seat, we always recommend to students to cut their interactions with others or try to stay away completely from them.

The reason for this is that some persons tend to talk a lot about the course work while others are using this period to do some last-minute checks or even last-minute studying.

The danger in this is that you may be thrown off by what others are saying and become confused. Instead of talking, try to remain in a quiet and relaxed state.

Anxiously going through notes right now may do much more harm than good.


Be relaxed

It is in your best interest to approach your test in a calm and relaxed mood. Being too anxious will make your body unnecessarily tense and may even cause headaches.

We ask that you approach your paper in a calm and controlled manner. Worrying about what is coming will not help. Worrying about how others are doing will not help either.

Be calm and do what you have to. For some that experience heightened levels of anxiety, we recommend that you close your eyes for a minute or two and clear your thoughts- this will help you to refocus your thoughts.


Be positive

Your mental state is an extremely positive thing. Be confident and positive in your attitude. This is something that should be practiced constantly. Telling yourself that you won’t pass the exam will not help in any way.

Try to say positive things and do your best. You can do it.


Be focused

At this time, we urge you not to think about whoever is sitting on your left or right. Don’t think about that person who got up and left early. Right now, you must only be focused on your work.

We ask that you take your time and work though all questions.


About skipping questions

Under absolutely no scenario should you leave any question unanswered! You will not lose marks for incorrect answers, so take a guess if you have to- at least you will have a chance of getting it right.

Unanswered questions can only return a mark of zero. Remember, there’s no shame in making an educated guess.


About leaving early

Our view on this is pretty simple. Instead of leaving early, use the time to look over everything and make sure you answered everything as best as you can.

Students who indicate that they are finished will not be permitted to return once they leave. Spending a few minutes to revisit your work is always a smart thing to do.


In the end

We ask all students to:

  • Be calm
  • Be positive
  • Maintain focus
  • Re-check your answers


One more thing

If you are reading this before your big day, use the following links for help:


You can do it,

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