What to Do When the FRM Exam is Over

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It’s time to reflect

Well, you did it. You studied hard (we trust), you made the effort, went into that room and you did what you could. It is now over. Or is it?

Unfortunately, the journey isn’t quite done yet (even if you are feeling super confident).

No matter how you feel right now, there are a few things you must do to the gain maximum benefit from your experience.


Reflect on how the overall paper was structured

Was the paper’s overall structure what you expected it to be? Was it more difficult or less difficult? Did you find it easy to follow or was it confusing?

We ask that you reflect on the exam and try to get a feel of where you stand in your preparation efforts. The fact is that you may need to adjust your study hours in the future to better the outcome.


Try to recall questions

Was there any particular questions or questions that surprised you? Try to write them down on a notepad or even a piece of paper as soon as you can.

Don’t rely on your memory alone- putting them down as quickly as you can may be a life-saver later on.

As time goes on, make an effort to do some research with your official texts and study guides. Do this to figure out any connection that you may have missed previously.


Don’t punish yourself

Even if you feel that you performed poorly, please don’t punish yourself over it. This type of behavior will never help you to progress in any aspect of life.

We always ask students to be positive and focus on the big picture. Remember that you are on a journey to improve your professional life.

This type of decision typically comes with a mixture of joy and pain in the form of triumphs and failures.


Treat your efforts

These examinations and the process needed to go through them can be extremely difficult and frustrating for anyone. Your mind and body both need some time to relax and recuperate.

Treat yourself to something nice. This can be as simple as hanging out with a special person or ordering some special meal. Perhaps it could be going out for a walk or even going to the gym for a stress-busting sweat-inducing session.

Whatever it may be, do something that will help to calm your mood.


Take a short break

Here, we recommend that you take a few days or weeks off and not think about your exams or anything related to them.

You would have gone through a sustained period of stress and you should go through a period of recuperation.

Take some quality time and spend it with your family and loved ones. Having conversations with different people on different things will help.


Structure a new plan if necessary

In reflecting on your experience, you may need to adjust how you approach studying. Some of the things that may need changing are your; overall study hours, the amount of time devoted each day to the materials, the frequency you went with or even just the amount of practice questions done.

Some persons may not need to do this, but if you have to, try to formulate a new plan as quickly as possible.


In the end

We hope that you did well and you’ll be rewarded for all the hard work when the results come around in a few weeks.

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