GARP FRM Frequently Asked Questions – Part 10

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We continue our writings on frequently asked question in the Financial Risk Manager course.

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Calculating CPD credits

In terms of calculating your credit points, there are a few simple rules to follow and you’ll be okay:

  • 1 credit can be earned for 1 hour of activity that is considered relevant
  • 0.5 credits can be earned for relevant activities lasting 30 minutes

Please note that your points will be tracked through the GARP portal that you would have signed up for when starting the course.

Also, for those candidates that attend any of GARP chapter meetings, your points will automatically be compiled and then submitted.

Although your attendance at the official GARP meetings is completely up to you and isn’t compulsory, it is recommended that you take full advantage of these opportunities as they are filled with valuable information.

Chapter meetings also allow you to be exposed to a vast body of knowledge in the form of industry professionals and risk management experts.


Record keeping

We note that the credit system put in place by GARP is considered to be an ‘honor’ system and thus you will not be required to submit attendance records for every single activity.

Nevertheless, we must urge you to keep proper records for yourself and store these digitally, as GARP reserves the right to perform random audits for verification purposes.

So, keep proper tabs on all your relevant activities and be prepared to show these at any time.

Candidates or members who are not sure about their activities can contact GARP through email at:

It is also best to just reach out to them and be sure of where you stand- it won’t hurt to stay in touch.


Earning credits without paying

Don’t worry! GARP has got you covered. You don’t need to take out that credit card each time you are trying to earn the relevant points.

Firstly, in order to start this process, you need to sign up for the governing body’s monthly email list.

(This is also free of cost).

Once you have been registered, you will then see the various (complementary) ways that you can earn points.

These ways may include participating within webcasts, doing research work, writing relevant articles etc.

There are several ways to earn the points so fret not! We are pretty confident that you will find some great areas that you will like.


After earning 40 credits

Congratulations! You have amassed the necessary 40 credits and now you will be able to have a certificate confirming your achievement. This certificate is also printable, by the way.

In addition, upon gaining this recognition by GARP, your ‘digital badge’ will be updated to reflect this accomplishment.


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