GARP FRM Frequently Asked Questions – Part 11

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We continue our writings on frequently asked question in the FRM course.

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Student membership

Potential candidates are reminded that you may attain Student Membership status while in the program.

Be forewarned that you must be a registered full-time student and your particular learning institution must be a recognized one by GARP.

Also, Student Membership is for two one-year terms- you will need special permission for extensions beyond this timeline.

If you are in doubt, we recommend that you contact the governing body and get proper verification.


GARP Affiliates

You may have heard about attaining an ‘affiliate’ status in the GARP body and the various benefits associated with this status. For example, being an affiliate exclude you from paying membership fees.

You will also take on this status at chapter meetings. And remember, you are highly encouraged to be part of these meetings.


Chapter meetings

So, you are sitting there wondering…do I really need to attend these chapter meetings?

Yes, they take time out of your busy schedule and yes it takes some effort to attend them, but we absolutely recommend attending these events.

These meetings will provide absolutely useful and valuable information to help you on your way of becoming an industry-leading professional.

In addition, you will get the opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals who are able to share so much with you.

The industry is always growing and evolving in its understanding and treatment of financial risk- you must prepare yourself adequately to reap the rewards.

Now, things get even better as GARP has even made it so much easier for you to benefit from these sessions- this, as you can actually log into your online portal and download sessions and listen to them!

“Yes, it would be great if you were there in person, but at the very least, you will be able to know and hear what is going on.

We simply urge everyone to take advantage of these opportunities at large.


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