How to Beat the Coronavirus Disease while Studying

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The deadly virus that rapidly emerged out of nowhere is now impacting life across the world. Regular business activity is slowing, and world economies are staring at a possible recession.

Social life is nothing as it used to be…

But life must go on, and you have to study for that upcoming examination. Here are helpful ideas on how to beat COVID-19 while studying.


Use digital books, notes, and questions

The use of physical or printed books is on the decline. And while sharing is good, COVID-19 has made everybody re-think their social and physical interactions (even if some of these fears are not scientifically grounded).

Thankfully, you can keep your space, keep to yourself, and still pass the upcoming exam. Digital study materials are the answer.

College and professional certification courses in the field of finance offer the option of buying and downloading digital course books for your exam.

Hard-copy study materials also carry the problem of typically being more expensive, compared to their digital counterparts.

With digital study materials, you get to control your study environment. You can lock yourself in an isolated study room with zero risk of contracting the coronavirus.

And of course, you also get to concentrate at a higher level. You could even study without leaving the comfort of your bed.

You get all study data to your preferred device without the need to visit a physical library or to borrow a book from a friend.


Opt for online tutorials and webinars

The coronavirus is contagious. Minimize your physical interactions. “Stop getting around and stay at home,” experts have advised on multiple occasions.

The CDC says that you have higher odds of contracting the diseases if you are within a six-foot radius of an infected person.

With the enormous populations in learning institutions, the dreadful virus could spread like wildfire.

So, instead of attending physical classes, stay at home, and study online. This way, you get to avoid possible ground zeroes on your way to and from school.

The good news is that there are many tutorials, lectures, and live video classes online that can help you keep up with your study goals even when you can’t get out of the house.

The beauty of learning online is that you get to study at your own pace. You can pause the video and take notes. You can rewind whole study sessions and gain a greater mastery of the subject.

You can also explore other multimedia options, like audio lectures and PowerPoint presentations.


Take your study groups online

Now is not the time for physical interactions. It appears that the coronavirus is taking our individualism to insanely higher levels.

Luckily, we have advanced technology and your social bonds or socio-academic relationships do not have to come to a halt.

Digitize them, or join existing online study groups.

Providers of practice questions and study materials are also facilitators of discussion forums and study groups.

Given the many benefits of peer-to-peer learning, it would be best to join such groups now as you find your ways around the present health threat.

You can also establish your study groups by leveraging social media platforms.

Here are some critical pointers when forming online study groups to pass your exams and beat the virus:

  1. Identify goals of what the online group wants to achieve
  2. Keep the membership number to a maximum of 8
  3. Set ground rules and minimize drama
  4. Choose a moderator
  5. Decide the time and dates for interactions
  6. Set rules on attendance
  7. Identify member strengths
  8. Start learning, sharing and asking questions


Re-think your work/study travel arrangements

Crowded public transportation is a high-risk zone for the coronavirus for students, workers, and people that are juggling both. The CDC has warned about such congested places.

You might also want to cancel your upcoming vacation or business trip. Avoid cruise-ship travel!

Ask for tele-commuting opportunities so you can meet your goals at home, if possible. This will also enable you to schedule more time to study as you save the time that you would use to get around.


Stay fit and healthy

COVID-19 is highly opportunistic and becomes deadlier once certain other conditions are present; Conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart conditions
  • Chest complications

So far, the elderly and those that live a sedentary life have been the significant patient population for the disease. You can beat the disease by staying fit. Being fit and healthy are also good for your brain and academic goals.

Exercise daily. Data by the CDC shows that kids are ‘typically’ safe from the disease because they have a strong immunity.

Staying physically active and keeping your metabolism rate higher could do wonders for your immune system too.

Start by incorporating physical exercise into your daily work or study routines. Scientific data also proves that working out is good for the mind.

Your brain needs oxygen and energy to fuel its thinking, memory, and other operations.

When you work out, you boost circulation, and thus more blood goes to the brain carrying the nutrients and oxygen it needs. A study session that follows a workout routine would, therefore, be more productive.

Remember also to boost your immunity. You would want to keep your cholesterol levels down by:

  • Eating healthy fats
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Staying hydrated
  • Avoid smoking
  • Drink in moderation


Level up your hygiene standards as you study or work

The coronavirus gets around like the flu. It is not only about who you get into contact with but also what you touch.

Do you have to go to school or work around this period? Here are ways to beat the virus:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water many throughout the day
  • Clean your doorknobs, light switches, and even your phone
  • Stay far from anyone that’s coughing, sneezing or displaying flu-like symptoms
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands
  • Avoid paper money; use your credit card or digital payment systems
  • Prepare your meals at home

There is life after the coronavirus. You have to pass those exams. You will have to advance your career and accomplish your goals.

Use the above tips to avoid the disease and use the links below for more information:


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