Identifying Exam Stress or Anxiety – Part 2

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In this post, we continue our discussion about things you need to watch out for when it comes to stress and handling your upcoming examinations.

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Being unable to focus

Often times as a result of undue periods of stress, many persons experience issues with clearly focusing on things.

Persons may have the inability to properly complete tasks at work, school or home as a result of not focusing well.


Excessive worrying

Some individuals will experience constantly worrying about many things in their lives. Chores, children, pets, you name it and it is on their mind all throughout the day and night.

And as a result of constantly overthinking, such individuals will often have a poor night’s sleep which will in turn affect their ability to perform daily functions.


Not being able to recall things

Forgetfulness is never a good thing for anyone, young or old. Not being able to remember things (even simple items) can lead to feelings of frustration and helplessness.

We oftentimes believe that only the elderly will have such troubles but this is far from true!

Young persons living stressful lives can have similar symptoms with memory and recollection on a regular basis.


Neglecting responsibilities

A sad reality of being stressed is that some will reach a point where they simply ‘give up’.

Daily responsibilities will take a backseat to lethargy. Persons will just no longer have the energy to do those important things that they have to do. Some will neglect their work duties, family, friends or even their own children.

At this point, help is to be sought. Having the council of someone experienced can feel like a tremendous burden being lifted from your shoulders.


Turning to alcohol

A particularly dangerous habit to form in the midst of a stressful life is that of consuming alcoholic beverages to cope.

In an effort to forget or shift focus, some will turn to the bottle for comfort.

This is never a good idea!

We urge persons to speak about their struggles and to act in a healthy manner in order to deal with (and overcome) them.


In closing

Living with undue stress is never a good thing. Fortunately, there are several avenues to help you along your way.

Get on track by talking about what you are feeling inside and adopt health habits such as changing and improving your diet, sleeping patterns and exercise routines.

The sooner the better.


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