Identifying Exam Stress or Anxiety – Part 3

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In part 3 of this series, we delve into some of the physical and emotional aspects you need to watch out for when dealing with stress. You may read part 1 by clicking here or part 2 here.


Having headaches

Constantly reaching for pain-killers from having headaches is something students who are stressed experience.

Be on the lookout for this symptom and try to treat it naturally first – get enough rest and try warm foods or soups to alleviate the issue.


Sudden sweating

Breaking out in a sweat is also one of the symptoms some experience when they undergo stressful periods.

It’s certainly never a pretty sight and unfortunately, some do face much embarrassment as a result of it.

Again, watch for this symptom and try a technique like deep breathing in a quiet place.


Experiencing dry-mouth or lips

A symptom that others won’t be quick to observer, but nonetheless still uncomfortable.

Over-the-counter moisturizers may do the trick here.


Having skin rashes

This one is unfortunately will be visible to others and can cause much discomfort.

In this situation, some may have to resort to visiting a medical practitioner for relief.


Getting acne

Another one that shouts out to the entire world that you are going through some stuff.

Acne at any age is never a pleasant experience (like, never). But most of us will typically experience it at some point or another.

Stress related acne can be pretty brutal unfortunately- the size of the formations could actually be much larger than normal.


Experiencing muscle tension

Tension in the back, shoulders, neck or any number of areas can happen as a result of a stressed system.

Adequate bed rest can go a long way in reducing the pains here.


Having a compromised immune system

It’s one of those things that many will have to cope with – getting sick because of stress.

The immune system goes down and everything goes haywire. We recommend sleep and vitamin C!


Experiencing negative thoughts

This is going into dark territory. Whenever you start to experience certain negative thoughts creeping into your mind, then you know it’s serious.

Seeking help is a first step. If you could get a hold of someone professional to talk to, then don’t hesitate- just get it off your chest.

Speaking about stress or problems and getting help is a sign of strength and not weakness!


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