Some Things to Know about the GARP FRM Course – Part 1

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In this post, we discuss a few things of interest that you should know about the FRM examinations offered by GARP.


How difficult it is

This course will certainly give you a run-for-the-money in terms of its high standard and difficulty level.

You should know that the pass-rate for both exams typically run within the 40% range.

We understand some may be daunted by this fact, but hear us out on this one…

This is actually a great thing in disguise! Having to work hard for this designation means that employers will recognize that you made a tremendous effort to get this mark.

Putting those three letters on your resume or business card will add so much value to your professional efforts.

So, we encourage you to ‘buckle up’ and get focused today in order to get this amazing achievement behind your name. Trust us, you will be a stand out.

Hey, remember the saying… nothing good comes easy!


You are being modelled

This particular curse is not just about passing some exams. It is about accepting the challenge of changing oneself for the better.

It is about understanding that you are transforming yourself to be an expert in the field of risk management.

Persons looking at you must see a person who is operating at a much higher standard when compared your peers.

Employers need to know that you are different. Your goals are higher and you don’t accept failure as an option. Whatever it takes to get the job done, you will do it.


The relevance in today’s world

Understanding the importance of risk management in today’s face-paced never-stopping world cannot be over-stated.

Things in the financial world has changed so much since the 2008 global collapse.

Risk experts are no longer relegated to the back of some office. They are being placed at the highest levels within the corporate structure.

Board of directors in relatively small and extremely large enterprises are asking for the inputs of these individuals before making critical decisions.

Are you in a position to offer top-tiered advice? If not, then jump on board today and get going.

The world isn’t going to wait around forever, make the leap today and further your education!

You will not regret it.


Twos the way

To earn this certification, things are a little bit different when compared to others out there.

You will have to pass two (2) exams. Although you can take both in the same day, the second part (i.e., level 2) will not be marked unless you clear the first part (i.e., level 1).


English formatting

These exams are currently only offered in the English language. Asa result, if English is not your first language, be sure to try some sample questions beforehand and make sure that you are comfortable in understanding the concepts before selecting a test day.


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