Our Top 3 FRM Prep Course Providers

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2021 and Beyond

The popularity of the GARP courses has taken a significant surge in the financial sector, particularly so over the last few years.

Corporations, banks, pension funds, among other industry players, needed to rise to the occasion and adapt, especially after the previous international financial crisis.

But how are they changing? By re-evaluating and integrating their risk management policies and procedures. Risk Management is much more essential today in finance and banking than it has ever been in our history.

It tops the list of needed measures in the sector and many have been pursuing additional studies in order to prepare themselves for this shift.

The good news is that a great option exists for those wanting to reach to this level. But, getting ready for the tests is a rather challenging process.

It is characteristically more detailed and complex than others and requires students to be absolutely dedicated to the task and profession.


The importance of preparation

Yes, many candidates who have successfully cleared their CFA and FRM exams often use the help of a prep course in addition to the regular study materials.

Beyond these, some may even employ direct coaching to have that ‘winning edge’.

For us, we typically do encourage persons to make use of them and below are some ways how these can assist you:

  • Time savers: the use of prep guides can help you save a significant amount of time. While the endorsed materials are quite extensive and make for detailed reading, it takes a lot of time to clear.
  • Luckily, prep courses offer similar concepts and details, but normally in a much more compact format that is easy to read and understand.
  • Easy to use: Typically, these guides make it much easier to study and retain information. And, given that the Financial Risk Manager tests ranks among the more challenging options, you would definitely appreciate the extra help. Some of the packages may even open you to wide-ranging instructional videos that gives data in a more straightforward format. For some, this is simply their preferred way of learning.
  • Increased success rate: with these learning aids, you often gain detailed materials and summary content with some even offering lifetime access or other guarantees if you sign up with them. Basically, these materials aim to ensure that you emerge more informed and prepared by steering your focus to what matters.
  • Helps you save money: Getting this challenge out of the way as quickly as possible is the best way to save on time and money. Re-appear for exams will only see you incurring substantial costs…in your pocket and with your time.

If you are looking for the top prep courses and guides, here are a few of the absolute best out there:



Wiley represents a trust-worthy and prominent brand you can check out for prep course materials.

They have an acclaimed name in the entire education sector and have produced many support materials for students all around the world.

Unlike other popular brands, Wiley is popular for its unique modular nature. Basically, you can pick the basic package and add additional services depending on your specific needs.

The extra package comprises items like question banks, mock exams, plus formula sheets. Ideally, this segmented approach is useful since it allows you the freedom to pick your preferred resources depending on your needs.

Their resources are relatively easy to understand and well organized. Moreover, the questions offered are relatively challenging and are bound to help you build a proper comprehension of every theory.



Operated by the Professional Learning Network, we represent a very fascinating brand. Everything we do is sharply designed for the student and absolutely everything is centered around delivering value to you.

There are a few things that set us apart from the rest of the platforms:

  • A truly unique testing format
  • Our low pricing
  • Massive free offerings packed with value

We are being recognized for offering the best practice questions for the exams in the market. Our diverse resources simply make us among the best choices for any student.

With all the stunning additions to our package, one of our best items is our distinctive user experience.

The overall experience feels less than a typical organization of professionals established to come up with guides and flood them in the market.

Essentially, we have created an engaging society around risk management. When you interact with us, it usually feels like we are traversing the same challenges as you are, a factor that can help you boost your discipline.

Whatever query you might have; you can ask at any time of the day and you will most likely feel that attention is being given directly to you and not some automated response being dished out.

Our platform offers top-grade content complete with easy revision tips, formula sheets and guides.

We wholeheartedly believe that our material is excellent for novices (and deep enough for experts) to help refine your skills. (And you will love our incredible low prices)


Kaplan Schweser

For years, Kaplan has set the pace when it comes to producing professional aid. They are indeed experts in the field and a distinguished provider for prep courses.

Kaplan has a unique package that also includes a few motivating extra services.

Needless to say, while the basic package is quite decent, their best offerings come in a uniquely-structured premium package.

On subscribing to the premium services, you will access various materials, including some weekly modules and numerous other provisions.

The brand has established a fascinating product package, but you need to pay more for the PremiumPlus package to gain access to the best.



If you are looking for the best prep courses for your financial risk manager tests, then these few suggestions are well worth checking out.

Yes, this list being relatively brief, but who honestly wants to go for the 19th best provider in the market if you have the top 3?

Be sure to check out these providers and delight in the abundance of quality, compressed, and easy to read resources.

Good luck with your exams and your career!


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