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Sometimes it’s hard to study, that’s a fact. But we need to do it, nevertheless, to achieve our goals and dreams.

Fortunately, modern technology has provided tools that can help studying be not just bearable, but actually enjoyable. Here are a few ideas we’d like you to consider:


Forest: Stay Focused

One of the focusing techniques that a lot of people is the Pomodoro timer technique. It is a simple method that forces you to be productive for a period of time while ensuring that you are not mentally drained.

Set your timer for 25 minutes five times with intervals of 5 minutes in between. This will be your work and rest timer. You have 25 minutes to work and then you should rest for 5 minutes.

After 5 times of doing this, you can have a break of an hour.

Of course, you can change the number of minutes if you want, if you are sure that you are not draining yourself or getting too much rest.

You can do the Pomodoro technique even without any apps, but there are ones that have extra features.

For example, the Forest: Stay Focused app gives you a sense of accomplishment when you successfully finish a session. You grow your own forest by sticking to your schedule.

It can also block you from using your phone while your work timer is ongoing.



Speaking of blocking apps, some students just can’t stay away from social media and might use their desktops while working. This might be a big problem, but there is an easy solution.

There are online apps like Freedom that blocks websites you find distracting.

Social media apps are designed to be addictive. It is not your fault that you go on autopilot and open your social media when your mind goes blank for a moment.

You don’t have to deactivate your account to free yourself, simply install a website-blocking app such as Freedom and you are good to go.



Studies show that having relaxing music in the background while you are studying greatly improves your focus and even relieves stress.

A lot of people have sworn that classical music is best to play when you are studying.

Some people prefer listening to low-fidelity (or ‘lo-fi’) music as it feels relaxing and modern. Meanwhile, some students simply want background noises to help keep focus.

No matter what type of music you want, there’s a guarantee that there is a Spotify playlist for you.

And if you haven’t found one that you like, you can easily create your own playlist to boost your productivity and improve focus.


Google Calendar

Considered as a gold standard, the Google Calendar is one of the most flexible calendar apps out there. It has everything you need, and Google is still improving its features.

Aside from that, you can also use it along with other G-Suite apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Tasks to customize its features.

The popular Calendar Blocking method can help you when studying. You can schedule days that you need to review or work on a project.

This prevents procrastination when a deadline is coming up since you have scheduled everything on your calendar.



If you are familiar with the ‘Kanban method’, then you might like Trello. This is an easy-to-use project management app that helps you manage simultaneous tasks while avoiding backlogs.

With its simple ‘To-Do’, ‘Doing’, ‘Done’ boards, you can see all your tasks on one page.

However, Trello is not a simple to-do app. You can collaborate with your team and create different boards for each project you have.

You can improve teamwork by helping members that are lagging.


The Most Dangerous Writing App

Writing papers can be hard when you are a perfectionist. Instead of creating a draft for your papers, you tend to edit your grammar as you go. This is a basic error that wastes time.

To write more efficiently, you need to follow a series of steps. First, research the topic beforehand so you have a general idea of what to write. Then, write a draft. Finally, editing comes last.

A lot of students do these three steps simultaneously, making it difficult to focus. Sometimes, persons even waste a lot of time editing while they are still writing the draft.

With The Most Dangerous Writing App, you can easily curb this habit. It forces you to keep on writing or it will start to delete the things you have written so far.

This is an extreme measure, but it does shut down your inner editor and lets you write your draft faster.



Evernote is one of the best notetaking apps in the market. Use it to save information when you are researching a topic. It has features that let you organize your notes much easier.

This is a great tool for students who have a hard time sorting through the things they search for online.

Having an organized online notebook can help you find sources easier and help you when you are preparing for the upcoming exams.

Additionally, use their Chrome extension plugin to easily capture images from different websites, or save websites in your Quick Notes to check later on.


Final Thoughts

Alternative apps to the ones mentioned here are certainly available, and if it helps you to be more focused, you are free to use those instead.

The idea behind this guide is simply to show you how technology can improve your focus and productivity, while also relieving your stress and helping you with tasks.

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