The 2021 FRM Blueprint

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Reimagining Professional Certification

Professional accreditations are an essential part of your career success. For those in the financial field, they are almost unavoidable.

Employers look for them, and they are equal and, in some cases, more important than your regular training.

Additional education may be the investment you need to boost or launch yourself in the desired direction.

The following will help you understand the need for this push and maximize the benefit of the ones you get.


Standing out in a competitive environment

The one obvious benefit is the extra competitive edge you will gain from studying. Beyond regular training that everyone gets, you have something that sets you apart in a competitive field.

It also demonstrates your commitment to excellence in your profession.

Such achievements allow you to be a part of a smaller pool that is in demand for the role you are seeking.


Improving your skills

Certifications provide up-to-date knowledge and information. They are considered specialty developments in your life, so you focus more on becoming an expert of particular tools, applications or processes.

These new skills will improve your execution of projects and improve your efficiency in performing your duties.


Increased earnings

One study found that certifications increased some salaries by 15%-30%, and these were just online certifications. Taking courses from global bodies will even earn you more.

Clients and employers understand the benefits that specialized training offers and the cost of attaining it. As such, they are more willing to pay higher for expert service.


Building credibility

Professional accreditation is more than just the new skills you are acquiring. It speaks about your willingness to invest and commit to the advancement of yourself as an individual.

Further, these certifications come from bodies that the industry recognizes and credible authorities in the respective fields. Earning the right to use their designations will increase your credibility as an expert in your field.


Increased networking opportunities

Many certificates have their graduates as part of a global group. As such you will be able to network with people having different experiences. You may even get the chance to share or collaborate on projects.

Additionally, you also get updates on the current trends in your industry, which prevents you from lagging behind. Attending seminars/ fairs will also keep you ahead with the latest happenings.

With these five benefits serving as a strong motivation for your pursuit of professional certification, the next step is getting them or getting the right ones.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this successfully.


Pick accreditations that advance you

If you are looking to specialize in a particular niche, certifications are a good channel to pursue. There are many to select from so you should be careful which ones you pick.

And, of course you can also use a certification to change careers or become skilled in different areas to diversify your roles and utility.

However, given the cost of making a switch, it is prudent to do those that match your long-term goals.

This will allow you to maximize your time and avoid having skills you cannot apply in your job.


Consider courses with a higher return

Professional studies can be costly in terms of fees and the time taken to do them. It therefore makes sense to be selective about which ones you go after.

There are many options in the market, so, besides selecting the ones that best match your needs, consider the following;

  • The resulting increase in earning potential
  • The reputation of the bodies offering the certification
  • Your total cost of earning the certification

Once you have picked the designation you want to pursue, the next step is preparing. The blueprints for efficient and effective preparation cover the following aspects;


Know the exam

You need to know the necessary information regarding your choice. Understand the objectives of the program and what you are gaining.

Sufficient research lets you know what to expect as well as the course structure and content.

You also need to know the examination format, when you can take them, and their duration. Start at the official website and then use other guides to become well acquainted.


Consider a prep course

Self-study is always necessary and, at times, it’s the only available option due to time constraints. However, it may not be the best option.

Some exams require official training as a basic component of the program, but this is often not the case.

An external provider allows you to get additional in-depth knowledge regarding the various elements of the content.

It gives you the advantage of having an additional guiding force, so you cover more by the time the tests come.

The content may help you break down difficult sections and promptly answer your questions, making you sufficiently prepared in the shortest possible time.


Using sample test questions

Before you get to the final hurdle, try out several practice exams. The official website or external providers have numerous practice questions you can use.

This will allow you to test your preparedness and grasp of the subject matter. You also get to learn more about the structure of the questions.

Full mock exams will help you build your resilience, concentration, and attentiveness to the levels necessary for the real thing.


Create a custom study plan

Another essential part of your preparation is a custom study plan you can follow. From this guide, you will know how many hours of study you need and how to spread them over whatever time period you have.

Factors to consider include; how soon you intend to take the exam, the amount of time you can devote to study on a daily and weekly basis, and the training methods that best suit you.


Have an exam day plan

The final step in your preparation is the one for the big day. The main aim is to be relaxed and focused for the entire duration of the test.

Ensure that you have your kit ready with all the materials you will need, from admission tickets to proper personal identification.

Your guide and the type of platform you use will determine the materials you need. Ensure you are well rested the day and that you also arrive on time.


Thank you!

This blueprint should help you to achieve any certification you want in the coming years. To further make your study seamless, find a preparatory site (like ours) that gives the right materials and information.

Find one you can rely on and one that will save you time and money.

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