Working as a Risk Manager – Part 4

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We continue with the series around what it means to be a Financial Risk Manager, what’s it like to have such an achievement and what the daily activities might be for you.

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5 am

You are not one to be outdone by anyone else in the office.

Your day begins with a healthy dose of vigorous exercise.

This clears your mind, calm your nerves and provides energy to power you through the entire day.

Afterwards, there is a healthy breakfast, since you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

For good measure, you’ll do a smoothie and have it while travelling to work.


6 am

A relaxing cold shower after a great workout.

Afterwards, you relax the mind and body for a bit, allowing nothing to distract you from a session of quiet meditation.


8 am

You have already reached the office well before the official starting time.

Being in this early will give the day a great jumpstart as you review and chart all the activities that need to be done.

Your initial focus will be on emails and messages that have come in. Replying to everyone and jotting down notes and things to remember becomes second nature by now.


9 am

You finish your preliminary activities and things are in full swing.

(and yeah…you wish you brought more of that smoothie)

Going over the power point presentation to be made to the board of directors is a major priority at this point.

But something happens….you are called into a meeting with the head of the department.

There have been some sudden market shifts and the bond portfolios are under threat.

You are called in to give your expert views to a group of persons assembled on the spot.

There can be no hesitation and no second-guessing.


To be continued…

Find out how the day progresses in our next post!

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