Working as a Risk Manager – Part 5

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We continue with the series on observing what your day may be like as a certified FRM.

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11 am

You are reminded that an online conference will be starting in 15 minutes and your presence is mandatory… of course.

The team is discussing the merits of a new cloud-based program that could shave of values minutes in analyzing market data and giving the investment managers more valuable materials to work with.

Additionally, there are some proposed changes to regulations surrounding market reporting and disclosures. These will have to be thoroughly understood by all the analysts within the department as well as the portfolio managers.


1 pm

Another lengthy meeting has ended and you consider taking a quick break and have something to eat.

Instead of carrying lunch today, you decide to grab a turkey sandwich from your favourite deli just across the road.

A colleague of yours decide to come along and you both start a conversation on some office matters.

Yes, even at lunch it seems that the work never ends! This is pretty much a regular occurrence and discussions will be had around:

  • Market updates
  • Possible new trends emerging
  • Upcoming presentations
  • Changes happening internally


2 pm

You get a phone call from the HR department about interviewing that new batch of potential analysts.

Some time will be spent going over several resumes and scrutinizing every detail before selecting the top 5 persons who will make it to the final interview rounds.

There are several potential candidate files worth looking at and you have some conversations with the existing team on who may be the best fit.


3 pm

You pull away from the other office members for a bit and decide to go through some emails and messages that need to be responded to urgently.

A few follow-up phone calls are made and you respond to some queries raised by some external directors on how things have been going within the organization.

Questions are also raised on the portfolio’s performance throughout the year and the assurance is given that everything is under control.


To be continued…

Find out soon what’s comes next in the day of a risk manager!

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