Working as a Risk Manager – Part 6

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We continue with the series on observing what your day may be like with the FRM designation.

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4 pm

Your attention is now drawn to several ongoing projects that you will have to update senior management about in a meeting scheduled for the end of the week.

Your thoughts are constantly focused on increasing profitability and managing the various risks that they present.

You also remember that the weekly meeting with the Risk Committee will require that a presentation be given on new regulations that will affect the company and its subsidiaries.

This is now time to slow down so you grab a quick protein shake and fix your thoughts on what to do next.

Having a to-do list is one of the greatest things you started doing- and always remember to put the most important and most impactful things at the top.


5 pm

A quick call is made to home. Your life isn’t just about work, managing risk and Excel sheets, it is also about managing the day-to-day responsibilities of being a parent and partner!

You ensure that the young one is home safely and promise that you will be doing the pick-up the next time around.


6 pm

You have a light snack to keep the energy up and the blood flowing.

You can always head out the door now but you decide to spend some extra time to finish up a few more things.

This is preferred as the office has become so much quieter and your thoughts are fixed on the tasks ahead.

You also know that this is a great way to be promoted! Arrive early and leave late- not many are willing to do this but you are different.

You have committed yourself to this profession and you are willing to do what it takes to reach the top.

Always keep your eyes on the prize.


7 pm

Another day is closing and you head out to the gym for a quick work out session.

A healthy body + a healthy mind = limitless possibilities.


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