17 Reasons to get FRM Coaching

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Is coaching even necessary?

Much of the skill sets and knowledge gained from earning your FRM certification applies across several industries. You become more versatile, skilled and as a result, better-paid than other employees with no title.

Thanks to broad applications of qualities like communication, creativity, analytical thinking, and critical thinking that comes with a designation, the effort of getting this achievement is worth it.

But first, you need to pass the examinations.

Here are 17 reasons to get online coaching while going through the course.


1. Build muscle memory

Muscle memory is also known as procedural memory, a type of motor-learning that happens in the brain. Through repetitive learning, your brain cements its neural pathways into remembering something as second nature.

This is the reason people remember how to swim or that pi equals 3.14. With enough practicing, your conscious activity is shifted to automatic movements and core information is effortlessly retained.

However, you can only build muscle memory through repetition.


2. Develop good study habits with online coaching

This is where external help comes in. With someone or something training you repeatedly over time, your brain remembers the subject matter like second nature.

This is a lot like learning how to type, you end up not even having to think about it. Practicing questions doesn’t just make things good, it makes things even better, it makes it permanent.

Because muscle memory works for both good and bad habits, constantly practicing can even identify bad habits you may not even know you have.


3. Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Knowledge is power. This is true for most things and includes taking an exam. Utilizing coaching with the right entity can take your exam scores higher and will ultimately enable you to reach your life goals faster.

In this course, the key to great performance is to know, identify and address your weaknesses and strengths in managing yourself during exams.

Knowing your good and bad areas is the first step towards improving your examination skills.

You will achieve more consistent, better methods when you take the exam.


4. Utilizing multiple resources

Online coaching may be your key to overcoming all the obstacles and difficult topics you may be facing. Now, your goals should be both practical and simple.

That is, to work with you to build robust, effective skills that bring you to exam success.

You may be one of those students that feel anxious whenever exam time looms near. You are not alone! Many students do struggle to deal with all the demands that a risk manager examination entails.

Worrying will never help, but constantly practicing will.


5. Seeing another perspective

If you have been doing okay, and wondering what it’ll take to level up, perhaps all you need is another perspective. This is why online coaching is worth the investment and it eventually pays for itself.

You get additional perspectives at topics you never have thought about. We want to equip you with all the right skill required to get you through this challenge and beyond.

Have a look at our sample questions and judge for yourself.


6. Repeating past mistakes

How well do you know yourself? Having someone else assessing how well you are doing something helps you improve your exam-taking skills. This will come in very handy when the time comes to take your examinations.

Many students tend to repeat past mistakes when taking exams. Some students don’t even know that they are studying wrongly or that there could be room for improvement in some areas.

A pattern of performing poorly and unhelpful anxiety cycles can be overcome with online coaching. Let us help take you through the muddy GARP waters and get you on the other side!


7. Resilience

Resilience and composure are both necessary for completing the FRM course. However, each student has a different level of composure and resilience that takes them through their exams and their life, for that matter.

To settle and develop resilience, online coaching may be the only thing missing. In an exam, composure enables you to weather mistakes, challenges, and roll-with whatever comes your way.

Resilience enables you to think creatively and work yourself out of any tight spot you may find yourself in, such as an essay question you didn’t see coming.


8. We all study differently

Every student will need to take and pass the exams. However, some have better examination skills than others.

Knowing your weaknesses and strength in terms of exam skills is critical in building composure and confidence on the day.

No two students study alike. Each one has an individual exam skill profile and their challenges they need to face when it comes to taking exams. Know your own habits and master them!


9. Aiming for another level

Online coaching gives you additional attention you need and can address specific challenges you face. This is particularly important if you already know that you are not a good exam-taker.

It is also important if you are a good student, a good exam-taker but want to improve yourself and get top marks. The exams are stressful and challenging.

Our coaching can help ease the path and make things more manageable.


10. Facing those fears

There is nothing quite so invigorating and energizing as focusing all your efforts to achieve your goals.

If you have ever worked with a mentor or a coach in the past or experienced working in a team with every member fixated on the same goal, you know the value that specialized attention can give.

When you are truly and completely focused, it doubles the power and motivation you have to accomplish any objective. A lot of students struggle to overcome their challenges within a class or group settings.

These students can benefit from getting online support. The philosophy of getting coached for your exams is to work as determined as you can be with regards to achieving success

An aid can help you improve your self-understanding of how you take exams, what challenges you and where you need improvement.


11. Going solo may work against you

You will be able to reach your goals faster when you have help. In the gym, a personal trainer helps keep you in line. As a result, you reach your fitness goals faster.

It works the same way when studying for your  exams. The only difference is that educational coaching is mental, whereas a personal trainer is physical.

You can re-balance and develop your set of skills when you work with a life coach.

Of course, self-reflection may also lead you to a more in-depth understanding of yourself. However, doing self-introspection about your real feelings (and what challenges you) may take longer.

Having a coach cuts to the chase. They know what to look for, what questions to ask and what methods to put into place in terms of putting you on the path to success.


12. Increasing self-awareness

Being aware of all your weaknesses is the key to performing well and preparing better for the time you’ll have to sit in the exam room. Students who find exams stressful will benefit from the exam skills a coach can bring.

The sessions you spend will give you enough aid in equipping you with the necessary skills and self-understanding that will help you perform better in the exam.


13. Getting and understanding feedback

When you study for your accreditation alone, you don’t get feedback and may lose sight of the ball with everything that may be going on in your life.

On the other hand, with online help, you can get great feedback about what you are doing correctly and can amend what you are doing wrong. This helps you make the best use of your time.

When selected properly, coaching can give you maximum value for money.

Additionally, you can skip all the distractions when there is something there to keep you focused on your goals. In fact, with the right attitude and adequate study-time, success is inevitable and imminent.


14. Coaching for enhanced productivity

Planning your study schedule and booking a guide forces you to master your productivity. 

It’s almost like someone is there to keep you on track and hold your hand as you study rigorously for something that really matters to you.

When you get a coach, you boost your study time, laser-focuses and determined to achieve. This creates an internal sense of high productivity.

You may even become fully prepared for your exams well ahead of schedule when you seek help externally. That external help can identify the important tasks to prioritize and which tasks can wait.

You gain clarity and will be able to develop a method of studying that minimizes distraction and encourages you to work. This propels you forward.

You end up remaining ahead of schedule, staying abreast of the content you need to study.


15. An investment in yourself

Have you ever invested in yourself in the past? Getting help is an investment in yourself and your future success. After all, the only thing that stands between you and your designation is passing two exams.

When you a resource as dedicated to your exam success as you are, you propel yourself towards rapid improvement. When you study with additional help externally, your personal development will soar without end.

Coaching helps you identify and overcome obstacles faster and more effectively. 

The reason that online coaching is an investment in yourself is that you end up getting the grades, the career, the profession or the project you want to be done sooner.

This translates to professional success and a higher pay-grade. Thus, the money you spend initially comes back in spades.


16. Measurable Results

Depending on your personal lifestyle, you may be up to your ears with books each night. This does not leave much room for anything else.

Even if you consider yourself a good student, you simply may not have enough steam left to study.

As you fulfill all the course requirements, where are you going to get the energy to propel you into success? Now that it’s crunch time, why don’t you override the exhaustion and get yourself external help?

When you have a different view, you get results you can measure. You have something to collaborate with and measure your study goals. Chunking up the information into bite-size pieces can help massively.

This propels you forward, just like the wind does for a sailboat. Without coaching, you may go at your own pace, unaware of bad habits and may not meet your exam goals as effectively.


17. Your designation is worth it!

Earning the FRM title helps you enhance your professional opportunities, increase compensation and may earn you a promotion. A designation can also jump start your career, particularly if you have been feeling stale lately.

In fact, some leadership and management positions require you to get professional certification. That title may land a high paying job and enhance your career path.

Additionally, this certification may provide the knowledge and skills needed to begin a new business! The possibilities are endless.

Propel your goals forward by getting effective FRM coaching from a highly recommended source today!

Thank you once more for reading and be sure to take a look at our other articles and online resources.


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