18 FRM Curriculum Values You Must Know

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The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) has truly crafted an exceptional body of knowledge in the form of the FRM curriculum.

Certified Financial Risk Managers all around the world are known for their risk-awareness prowess and remarkable instinct when faced with difficult circumstances.

GARP’s certification is respected all across the world for its potential to produce professionals that can keep organizations on track for success.

This post examines top desirable values of the risk manager certification for both employers and potential employees.


A quantitative and qualitative approach

To create a rounded risk management professional, GARP has instituted both quantitative and qualitative aspects to be part of the curriculum.

The program embodies this duality throughout the Level 1 and Level 2 syllabus outline and in their subsequent examinations.

Level 1, being more quantitative, sharpens your aptness with formulas, evaluations, and analyses when measuring or  managing risk.

The approach to level 1 introduces you to the numerical tools and subjects that are essential in practice.

On the other hand, the qualitative aspects of the program lean towards theories and models of risk management and their practical application.

Integrating the two creates a holistically skilled professional that can understand and manage business risk from all angles.


The curriculum is comprehensive

The program is designed for all – whether or not you have a background in business, mathematics or economics.

This inclusive approach makes the curriculum a potent career-switch program for those interested in risk management.

The course covers everything from understanding risk basics to the complexities of financial risk management.

The various concepts needed to pass your examinations are all intricately laid out in GARP’s study materials as well as our own practice questions.

Similarly, GARP’s questions are more application-based, when compared to other professional certifications in the industry.

For that reason, the program successfully bridges the gap between a college degree and what employers actually want.


Among the best value-based options

One way in which the program by GARP distinguishes itself is by the fact that it’s structured to improve your value and practical skills.

In an age where degree certificates are as watered down as it gets, employers are rigorously hunting for professionals with worthwhile skills.

The increased employability and potential salary increase you get after attaining the certification is not due to the mere possession of the paper.

It is because the curriculum teaches you how to be the best in Financial Risk Management.

After successfully going through the program, you will potentially add the most value to your organization through innovative approaches to risk management.

Problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and leadership training, among others from the program, will warrant your promotion and higher job responsibilities.


GARP is a crucial professional enabler

The certification is one of the most sought after programs because it is targeted to solve critical challenges in the industry. 

The Global Association of Risk Professionals, apart from offering the accreditation program, is also a vital industry player in terms of dialogue and bench-marking.

The institution facilitates dialogue between regulators, practitioners, and academia on the over-arching subject of risk.

These discussions help every player in the matrix to understand the changing nature of risk, its ever-increasing challenges and what can be done to address risks better.

The curriculum is therefore well updated and above par with the pressing demands of the industry.


A hands-on program like no other

Business leaders, including managers of large banks and other institutions, now stress the importance of merging academic and business experience.

This need arises from the big gap between what graduates deliver and what employers expect at the work-space.

The course makes the connection between theoretical and practical through its famously ‘tough‘ examinations. The reputation of the program rings through boardroom and recruitment halls.

It is well-known that certified risk managers have what it takes to leverage their academic skills to solve specific challenges in any organization.


Designed by an experienced committee

What is lowering the relevance of college education today is that too many professors are purely ‘academics’ that have never stepped foot in a real work setting.

Things are different with regards to the curriculum. The program is designed by a committee that comprises of world-leading experts in financial risk management and business management.

That includes practitioners in operational and market risks, rating agencies, academia, legal and regulatory experts, among others. 

By going through the program, you, therefore, invest your time and money in industry-relevant knowledge. 

You get to master the ropes through cutting edge skills groomed in the shortest time possible.

The distinct quality of your output will speak for you and propel your career to higher heights.


The course represents value for money

At a time when most millennials are drowning in student debt and little to show for their education, smart decisions are needed on the subject of career advancement

Ideally, continued education is the best way to put your foot forward. 

However, there are many expensive certifications and master’s degree options whose value wanes in comparison to the FRM program.

The GARP Financial Risk Manager course one of the least-expensive programs in the industry, costing as low as US$1,100 (including course registration and exam fees).

The earning potential after gaining endorsement is between $70,000 and $181,000 in the United States alone. Interestingly, this salary scale is similar for many MBA graduates and other programs that cost a whole lot more.


Candidates take responsibility for learning

The course by GARP is essentially a self-study one, given that there is no official in-class training. 

This mode of education moves past the old method of students getting knowledge from a professor and regurgitating the same on a test.

The fact that you will be responsible for scheduling your study times, study techniques, and choosing materials gives you total control.

Experts believe this kind of self-study is vital for building in-depth knowledge and useful skills that live long past the exam room. 

The critical actors in any learning process are not the professors but the students that do the learning.

Self-learning makes a lasting impact on what you know and can do. Your syllabus will be distinctly dissimilar from the performative and possessive understanding that characterizes other programs.


Fostering meaningful relationships

There are many opportunities for candidates to forge new relationships through online and real-world study groups during the program. Study groups help to sharpen your people skills and communication abilities.

Much of the networking, however, happens after you receive the certification. You instantly become a member of an elite group and get to attend charters and other industry-focused events.

Participating in risk networks that opens you up to more social and intellectual growth.

Employers often consider networking to be a desirable factor when recruiting or promoting workers. Through the official networks, you get to:

  • Stay abreast with industry developments
  • Develop a global understanding of issues in the financial sector
  • Be exposed to new and higher-level job opportunities
  • Sharpen your leadership, communication, and people skills
  • Fill knowledge gaps and stay updated in risk management


Cultivating your ability to act

The program teaches you how to work ethically, innovatively, and cooperatively to provide solutions to complex risk scenarios in organizational contexts.

This program, therefore, functions as a stable bridging platform for career entry after college or moving from another career. Throughout the course, you get to develop talent and skills that are highly valued by employers.

You’ll also get a strong sense of meaning and direction for your career. Your desire for continuing education to expand your grasp of the subject matter will also likely continue long after you achieve certification.

What that means is a steady career growth, a higher sense of self-worth, and higher earning potential.


Stimulative learning

In today’s academic world, everyone is on the run to bridge the gap between classroom and boardroom expectations. 

Several institutions are implementing project-based learning to connect classroom and workplace knowledge.

GARP has been far ahead since its inception. The institution undertakes employer engagements through dialogues and bench-marking as seen earlier.

Furthermore, before they carry out the yearly update on the curriculum, the institution conducts surveys among employers and other industry players to find out what needs to be modified in the program.

The institution, therefore, excels at re-creating real-world tasks and challenges and directing the studies towards creating solutions.


Having a massive industry significance

Globally, there’s a lot of significance attached to the content and examinations. Passing or failing it would, therefore, mean a whole world of difference.

Employers know this, and the sheer factor that your resume shows you succeeded in the exams will say much about your dedication, determination, and willingness to do what it takes for success.


The curriculum is rigorous

Even though the contents focuses heavily on the various aspects of risk, it is detailed enough and covers everything that candidates need to know.

The fact that it is updated yearly also demonstrates that the program is keeping up with the industry demands. On top of that, the last section in your part 2 syllabus exclusively explores current happenings in the market.

After certification, you can, therefore, expect to hit the ground running at your place of work.


Having great preparation materials available

The program excels in cultivating the right knowledge and skills due to the abundant availability of prep materials. Yes, GARP provides textbooks for each topic in the syllabus.

But, apart from that, there are great third party providers for the course.

Some third party providers give in-class training, video tutorials, additional textbooks, and question banks. You can choose your favorite study aids from their à la carte knowledge menus.

These additional factors will help to improve your chances of success in your tests.


Having a globally inclusive curriculum

If you would like to work with a multi-national or find employment in another country in the risk profession, GARP’s course is the intellectual passport you need.

The global recognition of the course stems from the fact that this course equips candidates with skills that are valid in almost every country.

The program is all-encompassing when it comes to practices, regulations, and market conditions. From the program, you get to develop a firm grasp of the international risk landscape.

Nonetheless, much of your global knowledge in risk and understanding of local practices will come from participating in their global networks.


Continued Professional Development

Another desirable factor about the course is that learning never stops. After certification, you get a chance to take part in Continued Professional Development (CPD) and earn credits.

Continued education can be a great thing if you are looking for a steeper career growth. Continued learning also solidifies your knowledge and updates your skills on every aspect of the job.

When filling top management positions, employers consider continued education as an extremely positive indicator.

This, as the right leader needs to be well informed, highly skilled, and capable of coming up with new ideas that add continuous value to the company.

Such prospects lie within GARP’s CPD Program for chart holders.


Learn anywhere and anytime

One of the most significant conveniences about the  program is that you don’t have to physically attend an institution. You are completely free to learn on the go.

If your work involves traveling, you can take the revision materials with you (even on your mobile devices) anywhere you go. 

Similarly, the program has many exam centers around the world and you simply can select the one that is nearest to you.

If again you happen to be traveling, you can change your exam center and sit for the exam in almost any part of the world.


The program is widely accepted

When investing time and money in an internationally recognized program like GARP’s course, you can be sure that none of it will go to waste. The program is accepted as the gold standard for industry risk professionals.

Employees will be delighted to see this qualification in your resume! This endorsement is also a significant source of high esteem, job confidence, and self-fulfillment that knows no geographical borders.


The bottom line

There are endless reasons why GARP’s FRM curriculum is better than any other in the industry.

This program equips candidates with the latest knowledge and skills to solve the current critical challenges in financial risk management.

It takes an approach that resonates well with employers and academic experts. Additionally, this certification program is also all-inclusive, affordable, and flexible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today by downloading our 100% free materials and discover more with our library of articles.

Afterwards, head over to the official GARP website and register today!


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