GARP FRM Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

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Hello everyone, this series will look at those questions which are often asked by students around the world when it comes to GARP’s FRM course.

Of course, we highly encourage you to also check out the official website periodically for new and updated information. Making this a habit can only benefit you in the long run.


Can anyone enter the program?

This question is typically on the mind of many persons and many will be pleased to know that you do not need any specific educational requirements in order to sit their examinations.

Having such a structure is certainly an amazing one and we do hope that the governing body keeps this stance as long as possible.

Having an open structure will aid many persons who are looking to advance their careers or possibly even make a switch all together.

Unlike other courses that may prevent you from starting simply because you lack the necessary experience or qualification, GARP stands out above many in this regard.

Their openness and transparency are quite refreshing- we do hope that others will follow suit.


How can I pay?

Essentially, you will be able to pay using most modern options available.

For those opting to use an online method, using a credit card through the official website is permitted.

GARP’s website is SSL certified and is considered a safe place to enter your credit card information.

Students who would like to pay for their course by using a wire transfer may do so quite easily. At the bottom of each candidate’s invoice will be the wire instructions.

Should there be any concerns about this, please check with the governing body by phone or email before attempting a transfer.

Candidates should also know that there will be a processing charge for payments done by wire or cheque. Visit the official website or email to find out the latest applicable charges.

Cheques may also be drawn and used to pay for the course’s examinations and books. However, it should be noted that a U.S. bank cheque is required or a foreign cheque that carries a U.S. banking intermediate.

Cheques are payable to the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Again, be sure to visit the official website to verify all information and necessary accounting data.

What ever method you decide to go with, be sure to have your ID, signature and relevant invoice attached and completely visible.

This will facilitate better processing of your payment. You will also be able to track its progress should anything goes wrong.

In short, GARP will accept:

  • Credit Cards (American Express, Master Card or Visa)
  • Managers’ cheques
  • International wires


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