Common FRM Mistakes – Part 4

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This is article 4 of our series on mistakes you should always try to avoid as a student in the GARP course.

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Not testing yourself

This is one area you must never forget as a student.

Always test your preparedness before going in to the examination room.

Why take the chance of not knowing how well you have studied? Why take the chance and go in blindly?

There are several good reasons why you should try sample questions before you do the real thing:

  • You get to know what areas you are good at
  • You will have a better understanding of where you need to improve
  • It will help to build confidence


Staying in a bad study group

Do not allow others to waste your time.

There are benefits to being in a study group but it must be the right one.

Your time must be used wisely in the group and all members must ‘show up’- they must be contributing in a meaningful way for the betterment of all.

Should you observe that time is simply being wasted and not much is being accomplished, then politely remove yourself from the others.

Try to find another more focused group or, if all fails, then study on your own.


Putting yourself down

Always be positive, no matter what.

We will al face trials and obstacles in your way. This is just how life is.

But if you think facing problems in life is hard- then you should know that it becomes a lot more difficult with a poor mindset.

No matter how bad things get, keep telling yourself of positive and uplifting things.

Sometimes, an attitude adjustment is all that it takes for things to turn around!


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