GARP FRM Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

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Hi everyone, we continue our series on questions most asked by students and potential candidates in the GARP course.

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What is the mailing address used for payments?

Please ensure that the name is written out to: Global Association of Risk Professionals.

As always, be sure to check with GARP by email or phone to ensure you are sending the correct amount to the correct place and with the correct name!

Should you decide that a payment will be made by mailing, then you may use the following address:

Exam Administration

Global Association of Risk Professionals

111 Town Square Place, 14th floor

Jersey City, NJ 07310 USA


Paying for multiple persons

GARP allows single payments for the online portal. However, you may contact them regarding other arrangements if you are seeking to have more than one registration at a given time.


Are refunds available?

The governing body may grant deferrals but not refunds. If you are not able to do your examination then contact them as soon as possible to figure out the best way forward.


How to get certified

For this course, passing both exams isn’t the only thing you need to do.

To be certified, a few things must take place:

  • Pass level 1
  • Pass level 2 within four (4) years of finishing the first exam
  • Show the governing body that you have been working for at least two (2) years in a professional risk management capacity
  • Please note that your work experience must be of a full-time nature.
  • Research work and teaching are recognized and considered to be relevant
  • Internships, student teaching and part-time work will not be considered relevant


Thank you!

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